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Little bits of everything, except FOs

Well.  It has, again, been a while.  Just don’t have much to say lately, probably because I’m not finishing anything knitted.  😦  So, I’ll just check in with a few quick comments.

  • My Clapotis is coming along and may some day be finished.
  • I can’t seem to get through a whole sock lately.  It’s not SSS (2nd sock syndrome) – it’s truly FSS (1st sock stupidity).  I’m just picking bad patterns or making bad ones up as I go along, or bad match of pattern/yarn/needle.  Or something.  I have one OTN now in Kollage Luscious (cotton/elastic), but it’s a bit unstretchy and sort of…hard.  Since the yarn felt yummy soft when I knitted it upon sz 2.5 needles, I’m guessing that sz 1 was too far a dip down.  😦
  • Christmas knitting is not happening.  I give up.  I am a selfish knitter, and will knit what I feel like knitting when I feel like knitting it.  Tee hee! 
  • My in-laws have arrived for their annual visit, and we did manage to get the 4th bedroom (spare room) mostly done in time for their arrival. 
  • It’s painted, the new floor is installed, and the curtains are back up.  Fred built a big platform for the air mattress the in-laws sleep upon when they visit, so it sort of looks like a real guest room (not really).  But at least a 68 yr old and a 70 yr old aren’t sleeping on the floor anymore!!  On the down-side, there’s no baseboards in the room yet (need to be re-installed, including a large portion that had to be replaced. )
  • The upstairs hall is a different story.  Painted, yes.  But no floor yet.  The wood trim for the new pony wall (beautifully stained oak, looking very antique) is not yet installed.  Husband worked with father-in-law to put up the chair rail this weekend.  Woot!
  • I organized my stash last weekend and realized just how much (and how little) I really have.  LOL!  For me, it’s a lot, something like 19,000 yards of yarn!  Compared to other people’s stashes, I’m a piker, I have nothing – my stash was in five little plastic file folder boxes, and two boxes that are each 1/4th the size of the file box (one for sock yarn, one for scraps).  It’s nothing, but I’m pretty fond of it anyway.
  • This stash organization involved pulling out every single ball/skein/hank of yarn, and categorizing it as either Worsted and Heavier or DK and Lighter (not including sock yarn), and then placing it in a box with similar-size buddies.  So, now I have 3 boxes of worsted and plus, 1 box of DK and minus.  Yes, in doing this, I managed to consolidate the yarn into 4 boxes, instead of 5.  I am, indeed, a stash piker.  Still, that so-called “small” amount of yarn is a bit embarrassing to me, as I haven’t a clue what I will do with most of it.
  • My Thanksgiving week resolution (New Year’s never works for me) is to only purchase or otherwise acquire yarn for which I have a specific project (pattern) in mind and only if it is a sufficient quantity to complete that project.  (i.e., no more lonely-only skeins of yarn from Karma Yarn Swap on Ravelry unless it’s enough to make something in particular that I already have in queue or in favorites, or can find a pattern on Rav for before claiming.)   🙂
  • I’m on vacation this week, which should be nice and quiet, as I have no real plan, just going to hang out, knit, maybe go to the LYS, get my nails done, stuff like that. 

That’s about all I have.  Told you, not much new.  😦 

ETA:  I do have one rhetorical question, though…how could Casey take Ravelry down for maintenance today?  Doesn’t he know I’m on vacation and need to play there?  Yeesh…(kidding, of course, but it does seem a bit like Murphy’s Law – I have time to play on Ravelry on a Monday morning, so Ravelry has no time to play with me!  LOL!


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Knitting (and working) my way through it – Decision ’08 Presidential Results

Track the Presidential election with me!


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It’s been a dog’s age since I blogged again. Not much to say, really. I finished hubby’s turtlenecked dickey last week and got back to working on my Clapotis and those socks for the MIL. The socks have been frogged multiple times. I’ve decided that I probably don’t like the yarn all that much – yummy colorway, but Crystal Palace Panda Soy is just too splitty for words! Still, the sock is coming along reasonably well and I can certainly forsee getting them done before Christmas. Maybe not much else, but the socks, at least. LOL!

My house decorating/remodeling project is still not finished. The oak is strained and ready, the hall and staircase are painted. Need to mount the oak, stain or paint the chair rail pieces, lay the floor, paint the new baseboards, and install flooring all over the place. AND, it all needs to be done before my in-laws arrive for their winter visit, which could be as early as the week of Thanksgiving! Yikes!

I’ve swapped away much of the yarn I couldn’t figure out what to do with, but still have a ton of Adriafil Cuba and some Paton’s Berber Cotton, plus quite a bit of Vanna’s Choice that I’d like to get rid of. More swaps soon, I guess. But I’ve acquired some interesting yarns, including the Plymouth Royal Bamboo I used for the bamboo scarf I blogged about a while ago, and some Rowan Cotton Glace, Jaeger Siena, Knit Picks Shine Worsted, WEBS’ Valley Yarns Goshen. I have also been the grateful recipient of a few Random Acts of Kindness (RAKs) through the Karma Yarn Swap, including some Classic Elite Pima Tencel, two precious balls of Phildar Phil Soie, and a big, big cone of Astro Dyeworks Cotton Rayon in a very mixed up colorway of purple, teal and several other colors. I think that one will eventually become a wrap/shawl/stole of some sort, but it’s kind of a slubby yarn, so maybe not conducive to a lacy pattern. Will have to swatch it and see, I guess. 😀

It’s Election Day here in the U.S., and a very historic one, too. If the process worked at all, should be putting a ticker for the Presidential election here on my blog. We shall see.

I actually voted on October 25th, as Tennessee is an early voting state. So no long lines or risk of not being able to vote for me this year. I rather like that, but it does make Election Day seem a little anti-climactic from a personal perspective. No clue who will win, really, bigger surprises than McCain coming from behind to take it all have happened in our political past. I was incredibly sad, however, to hear that Obama’s grandmother, who helped to raise him, had passed away yesterday – it is a shame that she wasn’t able to live to see whether this nation will make history today by electing our first African-American President, or make history by electing our oldest first-term President and first female Vice President. I’m not going to go all political here and get speech-y, but I will say that I’m not impressed by Sarah Palin, and I think that what she and John McCain like to call being “maverick” is just hogwash in recent years. McCain may have been able to claim “maverick” status several years ago, but during these last 4 years, he’s been almost the sole voice in the Senate that was clinging desperately the Bush Administration’s position on just about everything. 😦

Whatever happens today, tomorrow begins a new and historic era in American politics and government. American readers, have you voted today? If you have not, and did not vote early or absentee, *please*, brave the lines and get yourself to your polling place to cast your vote! He or she who does not vote leaves the decision to others. I don’t want to make your decisions for you. He or she who doesn’t participate in the process doesn’t get to complain (or brag) about the results, either. 😀


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Another FO & plenty of ktbl ahead

Hmmm.  Long time, no blog.  Busy, busy, and haven’t had much to say.  I did finish a lovely scarf, though.  I used two balls of Plymouth Royal Bamboo in colorway 58 to create this longer version of my hybrid Foliage Fidget scarf.  This one is a nice length to tuck into the open neck of a business suit jacket or sling around my neck for a pretty, feminine touch…or something like that.  🙂  Isn’t it pretty?  (patting myself on the back pretty furiously right now…)


As soon as that was finished, I took a really deep breath and cast on my very first Clapotis, about which I’ve been mildly nervous, not because the pattern is difficult – it isn’t, really – but because I’m using some really yummy and dreadfully expensive yarn (Artyarns Regal Silk in colorway 108, Purple Mist), and I really want to do the yarn justice! 🙂  I’m just beginning the straight section, and have already had a couple of small problems, but nothing unmanageable yet.  So I’m hoping for smooth sailing the rest of the way.  Of course, one of the little bumps in getting going was actually, really, truly a bump…I was knitting away on the 1st increases, using my KP Options tips (metal), riding in the car with husband driving.  Just as I was scooting the stitches along the left needle to get the ready to knit, husband drove over a big bump at a decent rate of speed, causing me to DROP MY STITCHES!!!  About 5 of them, actually.  I was displeased…not at husband, really, but more at myself for thinking I was capable of knitting *silk* in a moving vehicle.  Yeesh.  I fixed my dropsies and put the work aside until we got home, where I could switch to my KP Harmony tips…that’s better for the car, but I’d still rather be working with the metal tips.  I must be getting better at this or something…


Did anyone else hit the Options DPNs sale at Knit Picks?  I had to be talked into it, as I was afraid I would not much care for slick, slippery, weighty metal DPNs…I’m really very fond of my Harmony DPNs.  But it was ***such*** a good deal, I couldn’t pass it up.  Besides, husband was adamantly supportive…even he had to admit that if I didn’t like them, I could either (a) return them to KP for a credit and buy some Harmony DPNs instead, or (b) sell/trade them on Ravelry.  He was right.  I did get them in the mail two days ago, and my jury is still out.  I have been knitting a little bit on a sock I started the knit the needles arrived, and I don’t *hate* them, I’ll say that.  But I can really tell the difference in the weight.  Hmmmm….


On the home front, since I last posted, my 20 year old son has been out of work and returns to the work world today.  He was unhappy at his place of employment, a local fast food chain store, due to a somewhat hostile work environment.  So he began looking for an alternative.  And then, within a day or two, he blew up and quit.  His manager left him on an LOA for a couple of weeks, in case he changed his mind.  So he’s been job hunting, but this is not something he’s very good at, and didn’t get so much as a nibble in about 10 days or more.  And then, yesterday, with his proverbial tail between his not-proverbial legs, he went back to said fast food chain store and asked to be put back on the schedule.  Phew!  Unemployed son who is not in college either is just really not acceptable.  So glad that’s temporarily resolved.


Younger son is now 13 big years old.  Older son + Mom and Dad (us) jointly purchased younger son the video game of his dreams, Rockband.  He’s verrry happy.  Husband is trying to sell one of the two old, classic VW Beetles at the moment, and not getting any nibbles.  We are trying craigslist, and must re-post late this afternoon in order to catch the weekend crowd, as the mid-week readers were apparently pretty unimpressed.  And finally, my company, a large IT industry outsourcer, has officially been bought by a large IT industry manufacturer.  I won’t mention any names, but if you read business news, you probably know which companies I’m talking about.  So that was the sorta bad news – maybe.  Who knows?  Buy-outs are funny; usually, lots of people in the bought company get laid off, but our buyer is not super-strong in the industry/piece of company in which I work, so maybe I’ll get lucky.  The really good news, however, was that I recently had my mid-year review, and was rated as exceeding expectations and received a nice, generous ***CASH*** bonus in my paycheck today.  Again, no specifics mentioned, but there were 3 zeroes on the end of the bonus number, and the first digit was greater than one.  🙂  Woo hoo!  It’s off to buy some dirt cheap affordable laminate flooring for my spare room and upstairs hallway this weekend.  Maybe.  Not sure.  Indecisive.  We shall see.  Also thinking about replacing the railing in my upstairs hallway with a small pony wall into which we may build a shallow cabinet for storing more of the crap we’re always collecting.  Again not sure.  Maybe.  Can’t decide.  Time will tell.  🙂  The only thing I’m fairly certain of is that my bonus means that I will pay some nagging little bills and maybe have a nice yarn crawl…or place an on-line order from one of the great yarn sites, like Fabulous Yarns, Knit Picks, WEBS, or Little Knits. I’m on the hunt for an appropriate yarn to make Twist & Shout, the cover sweater from the Fall 2008 issue of Knitty. So beautiful. But sadly, so woolly. Must find non-wool yarn that will give me a similar look. Yeah, right, like that’s gonna happen! LOL! One of these days, I really have to get brave and try some superwash merino wool yarn. Merino/Silk was only a little bit itchy in the touching, almost not at all, but very itchy in the knitting…maybe superwash merino will be better…


That is all I have at the moment.  What’s new in your world?  Leave me a comment, PM me on Ravelry, whatever.  Let me know someone actually reads this thing…then again, I mostly write it because I can, so I’m not convinced it’s terribly important to me that people read it.  Would be nice, though…


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Of knitting mojo lost

Last weekend, I thought I was such a smarty knitter when I “created” my own lace pattern for the cuff of a sock by sort of crossing two patterns that I like.  So, using the already-completed 1×1 ribbing section of OYT Bamboo, I began knitting my little lacy cuff.  And all went well through Friday night and Saturday during the day.  It was looking really pretty, if not quite how I pictured it in my head.  And then came dinner out on Saturday night, and errands on Sunday morning.  I took my sock along, as I have done with others in the recent past.  And I kept on knitting, making a note each time I had to stop as to where I left off.  So all should be well, right?


Wrong.  Somehow, someway, it’s all wrong.  The first 1.5 repeats of the pattern look beautiful.  From there, it’s a big mess.  More frogging.  I swear, if I don’t get out of this little knitting funk, I’m going to grow webbed feet and start croaking.  I didn’t have the heart to frog it last night, so I spent the night watching the Karma Yarn Swap on Ravelry.  That forum moves so fast that you actually can spend an entire hour (or two or three) watching it!  Oy.  It’s addicting, I swear it is!  Don’t go there, my fellow Ravelers!  Once you enter KYS, you may never come back out.  Even if you never claim or offer something – it’s like playing the slot machines in Vegas – you’re sure that the perfect offer for you is right around the corner.  When I wasn’t doing that, I did manage to get the buttons sewn on to my own Dot Check Cardi (FINALLY!!), only to discover that it is a bit wide in the waist/hip, and perhaps a bit shorter than I had thought.  Beautiful, but not the best fit.  It’s a cotton/acrylic blend, so I will try blocking it this weekend and see if that helps…I did lose a little weight over the last couple of months, particularly across the belly/hips, so that possibly explains the off-sizing.  At the moment, it looks as though I stole it from a really rather chubby child.


I didn’t have the heart to frog it tonight, either, so I spent the evening alternately surfing Ravelry for a project that suits my yarn, stalking the afore-mentioned KYS forum, and swatching one of my craigslist yarns (the blue Patons Rio on my acquisitions page here or in my stash on Ravelry) in plain stockinette.  And yes, my knitting mojo is so lost right now that I even managed to make a mistake in a freakin’ swatch.  Now, THAT I’m definitely not frogging or tinking, that would just be stupid, eh?  🙂  Hmmm.  Maybe I need to crochet something to find my knitting mojo.  Interesting thought – take a break from knitting to get back into the groove.  Hmmmm.  Nah.  Haven’t got a clue what I’d crochet, either.  I really think that’s half the problem – I just don’t have a pattern I’m all excited to knit right now.


Oh, well, time to hit the pillow and try for some sleep.  Tomorrow is another day.


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Purls and curls

Ahhhh, Saturday!  Joy!  I’ve really done not much but knit today.  I was up at six (dog and I both needed to respond to the call of nature, so to speak), goofed around on the ‘puter till seven, and went back to sleep with an awful headache.  Got back up around nine, when our friends who recently moved into their new rental house came by to pick up more of their stuff (Dog barking = Marla waking).  So I said “hello”, grabbed a shower and off we went, leaving our friends plucking their stuff out from underneath our house (crawlspace). 

Husband, younger son and I got a quick junkie breakfast this morning at Mickey D’s, then trekked off to husband’s workplace to drop off some larger items that would be difficult to carry on his motorcycle (which runs great, but does still have a leaky tank), and then hit Barnes and Noble to stare at books, which is nearly-free entertainment for all three of us.  Well, ok, cheap entertainment.  I stared at knitting magazines, but didn’t find one that jumped off the shelf and said I had to buy it.  Son decided he had to have the pocket (??) version of “The Dangerous Book for Boys”, which was fine with me, that’s a fun and interesting book.  As I was standing in line to pay for it, a 75% off knitting book I’d been looking at a moment before started crying my name…I jumped out of line and grabbed it, because there’s some really pretty sweaters, scarves, hats and also a small stitch library in it, as well as some instruction on more intermediate techniques, such as colorwork, entrelac, etc.  Anyway, have to just love that B&N discount card when combined with the final sale book bin – the whole thing came to under $20 (tax incl.) for books that originally cost $15 and $25.  🙂


Gave up on the Horcrux socks earlier this week, after finishing an entire sock, which looked great until I put it on.  Once I did that, the grafting on the toes pulled loose, and I noted big holes in the gusset where I picked up stitches (and not at the corner of the flap, either – really ugly!), plus I discovered that I had dropped a stitch halfway through the foot, which was also creating ugliness.  I didn’t even bother to frog, I was so ticked.  I was 2/3 of the way convinced I should just put my whole stash and all needles up for sale on Ravelry…for about 15 minutes.  Then I decided that it was just one of those knitting failures and I should keep on trying. 


The next night, I grabbed my OYT Bamboo and the dpns and decided I would start some kind of different sock, so I took all that and a stitch library to my sit & knit night, and got quite a bit of cuff ribbing done.  Moving along, following night I messed up the *&)(^$@#@ trellis lace stitch pattern and gave that up.  Temporarily.  Picking up some organic cotton from my stash, I decided I would try a more simple lace stitch and make a wide scarf/small wrap.  You guessed it in one – messed that up, too!!  Guess it doesn’t pay for me to try to knit lacy things and watch movies at the same time!  LOL!


Friday night, however, I finally got myself together, started again with the OYT Bamboo, and got a decent sock going.  This time, I’m sort of making up my own lace stitch, in that I’ve expanded upon the one shown in Hatsuyo’s Lacy Socks, which I recently knitted.  So far, it’s coming along beautifully, no mistakes that I didn’t catch in time to tink a few stitches and fix.  Phew!  I think I have my knitting mojo back, but only time will tell. 


As for my hair, well, I really tried not to shampoo at all.  But being a smoker, I think my hair might get a bit dirtier and smellier than most or maybe I’m just that addicted.  So last weekend, I bouth a Burt’s Bees shampoo that has no sulfates (detergents), no parabens, and nothing of some other thing that’s really bad and unnatural.  I used it on Monday, and *hated* it immediately – it seemed to be far worse than regular shampoo, stripping my hair completely (like wet Barbie doll hair!  UGH!), so that I had to condition it three full times and then leave some conditioner in to get it feeling soft.  I had a great hair day, very curly and nice, and stayed that way, but still, UGH!  So, the rest of the week, I just conditioned.  And I didn’t itch, but I didn’t have great hair, either.  I woke up Friday, and my hair was just flat and felt rough, so I dared to try the Burt’s Bees shampoo again.  This time, I believe that I discovered the trick with this stuff, which is to use just a very small amount, and to only just run my fingers through my hair, no scrub/rub, then rinse quickly.  I did that yesterday and today, and I admit that I still have to condition it 2 times afterward, but I’m getting the most beee-u-tiful corkscrew curls and my hair is soft, soft, soft…which is amazing, considering that it’s been twice-colored since my last haircut.  Yee-hah!  So – no shampoo doesn’t seem to work all that well for me – tighter curl, but not fabulous curl without styling product.  But low-poo (as in shampoo with no detergents) seems to work very, very well.  So nice to see and feel my curls looking all pretty and soft and nice.  Ahhhh!


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Of (knitted) Horcruxes and Horsepower

Well…I finally settled on a yarn and a pattern for my next pair of hand-knitted socks, after several fiascos.  I’m currently about 3.5-4″ into the cuff piece of a Horcrux sock, from a pattern available only to members of the Six Socks Knit-A-Long Yahoo! group.  I joined that group, at least in part, to obtain the Horcrux socks pattern, which is a really nice sock even if you aren’t a Harry Potter fan.  I am one, but not completely rabid, just a fan – I’ve read the books, seen the movies, know the differences between the two.  Period.  Anyway, the Horcrux socks have a lace section in the cuff that contains a zig-zag pattern that looks like the scar on Harry’s forehead, which can be considered to be the last Horcrux, the one Voldemort didn’t intend to make.  So, I’m working on that rather happily, and looking forward to the August 1 KAL sock pattern.  Now, I have to admit that I’ve never been part of a KAL before, so this should be challenging.  Pic of SIP (sock in progress) to follow, as soon as I can manage.


Meanwhile, on the home front, it seems that my husband, who is a *mechanic* by profession, has fuel and/or charging system issues on all three of his “daily driver” vehicles.  Now, my husband is a great guy, and for the most part, he actually prefers older vehicles so that he can tinker with them without screwing up the motherboard (newer cars have computers, older cars don’t).  Right now, he actually has 4 of them – a 90’s Dodge pickup; a ’73 VW Beetle we’ve had since ’93; a ’68 VW Baja Bug with which husband’s parents gifted him over the winter, and, as I think I’ve mentioned, husband recently purchased a ’78 Suzuki GS750 motorcycle from a craigslist posting, for $700. 


Of the 4, only the truck is running reliably and well these days.  So husband is feeling a bit horsepower-challenged, if you know what I mean.  The truck is nice enough, but it’s normal function is as Older Son (20 yr old) Daily Driver.  So husband is not enjoying sharing it, nor am I enjoying sharing my ’04 Pontiac Aztek with the two of them.  But that’s another story.  Back to our main theme. 


The ’73 Beetle (Bug)?  Well, after giving my husband over 10 years of excellent service, it started getting a bit…cranky, about 2 years ago.  Now it’s beyond cranky.  After trying everything he can think of to fix it, Beetle isn’t getting a full fuel filter after a little bit of driving.  This makes driving somewhat unpleasant, especially when the car chooses to sputter and then die in heavy traffic at 5:00 in the evening, when it’s well over 90 degrees outside.  Monday, it not only sputtered and died, it decided to belch smoke from under the rear hood.  Lovely!  


Now, the ’68 Baja is yet another story.  Why would my in-laws gift my husband with such a cool car?   Because they didn’t want to mess with it anymore, of course.  It was too unreliable, kept breaking down, so they gave their problem child to…their problem child!  LOL!  But, my husband, brilliant mechanic that he is, truly believes he will be able to lick problems that his father could not.  Whatever!  In the meantime, the generator has died due to the vehicle has been languishing in the garage since January.  So, can’t even try to figure out the problems till generator is fixed or replaced. 


Motorcycle?  Yeah, well, those fixer-upper fabulous deals are almost never as great as my husband thinks they will be.  This one, so far, required tires ($155 incl. mount & balance), special tools to tune it up and synch the carbs ($120) and registration/title (~$50), in addition to the basic purchase price.  Cosmetically, I’ve been a nice wife and haunted ebay for emblems, since the bike was stripped of every possible Suzuki logo ($58 so far, still short at least one emblem).  It also needs to be painted, quite desperately, so husband bought a (very nice) new air brush tool from a co-worker at a serious discount of about 75% off list ($50).  So, now the $700 motorcycle (which is worth $650 in good condition according to kelly blue book and NADA) has cost us $1183.  But who’s counting, right?  OK, I’m counting.  Why?  Because it still isn’t working properly – the gas tank leaks!!  IF we can find a used tank in good condition with all the necessary parts in it, it’s going to cost *another* $150-200 or so.  All in the name of saving money on gas, because “honey, a motorcycle will get 40-50 miles to the gallon!”  Um, yeah, it will, if he ever gets to actually ride it farther than the nearest gas station!  Since he can only carry about 2 gallons of gas in the tank without having the precious fuel leaking onto the ground, I’m guessing husband will not be riding motorcycle much in the near future. 


After all of that fuss and bother above, which comes on the heels of and during our providing food and utilities for an extra 2-4 people since last Thanksgiving (Fred’s parents and our friends that just moved into their own place last week – both separately and, for quite a while, all together!!), I’ve discovered that the economy has caught up with me, my tax refund and stimulus funds are gone, and money is suddenly a bit tight around here.  So I’m very, very crabby.  I loathe having to throw the bills up in the air and then pay the ones that land first, so to speak.  Will try to control this crabby/whining tendency and be my usual charming self.  The yarn will soothe me, if I can just concentrate on the knitting instead of thinking about the vehicles and money and the drive-by promotion I received on July 4th…and what to do with all of the “mistake yarn” in my stash, of course…and…


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Socks and more socks

So – I finished the lacy socks and they are Beee-u-tiful, if I do say so myself.  I will get the pictures up, I promise, but I can’t do that while using my work-provided laptop to post, so I need to get a few minutes on a computer that is actually under my ownership.  LOL! 


Anyway, once I finished those, I launched right into yet another pair, using Kollage Luscious this time.  The colorway, Bouquet, is just beatiful, and the yarn is soft and nice, but a bit splitty.  Sadly, I just can’t seem to make something I’m liking with it.  I think I need smaller needles.  I only have US

 2.5 and 3 size needles (3.00 and 3.25 mm) in Knit Picks Harmony, which seem to be my sock needles of choice.  I have bunches of Clover bamboos, but the tips are not at all pointy on those, AND my size 2’s are 7″, which just seems really clumsy for socks.  I like my 6″ Harmonies.  So I’m seeing a KP order in my near future.  Anyway, I’ve given up on the Luscious for the moment, since I popped into one of my LYS today and sprang for another ball of the On Your Toes Bamboo yarn, plus a ball of Berroco Comfort Sock

The bamboo is in a similar colorway to the one I’ve already knitted, but this time a solid gray-lavendar, and the Comfort Sock is rather boring, just plain navy blue.  I’ve avoided buying the Comfort up till now because the LYS only had it in solid gray and solid blue.  Bleah.  But, I am sure I can knit some nice socks for someone on my holiday list from it, and it’s super-soft, so I’m giving it a shot.  Plus, it will work on the needles I have (LOL!).

OYT Bamboo #2


Husband has his motorcyle running (rather well, too), but has yet to take it for any real rides, other than into town to fill the tank with gas, which is only a few miles, round trip.  It’s registered, it’s insured, but the only days he worked last week (Thu and Fri) were pretty rainy around here, and he hasn’t gotten a rainsuit in case of sudden downpour yet.  Since neither VW is currently running (oy vey, what a MESS!), he’s been driving his truck, which leaves my 20 year old son driving my car to work in the late afternoon, and husband swapping vehicles with son on the way home from his work.  Yeesh. 


Our friends that have been staying with us since Christmas moved out this weekend.  They found a killer bargain on a rental home in the northern edge of eastern Nashville.  I haven’t seen the house yet, just some pictures.  It seems nice, but needs a bunch of work, which they will be doing part of in order to “earn” their half-priced rent for the year..  It’s a HUGE house on around a half acre, though, and I think they’ll have some fun trying to fill it up, since it’s just the two of them, a cat and something like 13 ferrets who will have a big fat basement almost all to themselves – well, the ferrets, the laundry area, and a little office for the man of the house to goof around on the computer at night and on the weekends.  My friend is very happy it’s a big house, though, because she has a nice room on the main floor to use for sewing, knitting, scrapbooking, etc.  Her office, so to speak.  It’s nice that they have their own place now, it’s nice to have ours to ourselves again…a bit quiet right now, but nice.  But it’s worrisome, too, because I think they may have jumped out too soon, with not enough money in their pockets to insulate them from any little emergencies.  In fact, they wound up leaving about 1/3 or so of their stuff here for the time being, because of budget constraints on buying gasoline to get their full-size van back and forth from our house to theirs.  Sigh…worry, worry.  Not much I can do, though – they are grown-ups who have to make their own decisions, of course.  All husband and I could do was to keep assuring them that we were in no hurry for them to move and that they could stay as long as it took for them to be securely on their feet.  I know it sucks living with other people and feeling like you’re imposing, and I guess they’d had enough after almost 7 months of that.  Sure hope it all works out ok…(and if/when my dear friend reads this, please take no offense…I have to vent my worries somewhere, you know, and this is pretty damned anonymous, really!)  Heck, hardly anyone actually reads my blog anyway.  LOL!


Well, must go now.  It’s raining sheep and alpaca out (instead of cats and dogs), and my sock yarn is calling me.  🙂


ETA – Finally got some time on family ‘puter at 7:00 am on a Sunday morning – everyone else is sleeping!  LOL!


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