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Purls and curls

Ahhhh, Saturday!  Joy!  I’ve really done not much but knit today.  I was up at six (dog and I both needed to respond to the call of nature, so to speak), goofed around on the ‘puter till seven, and went back to sleep with an awful headache.  Got back up around nine, when our friends who recently moved into their new rental house came by to pick up more of their stuff (Dog barking = Marla waking).  So I said “hello”, grabbed a shower and off we went, leaving our friends plucking their stuff out from underneath our house (crawlspace). 

Husband, younger son and I got a quick junkie breakfast this morning at Mickey D’s, then trekked off to husband’s workplace to drop off some larger items that would be difficult to carry on his motorcycle (which runs great, but does still have a leaky tank), and then hit Barnes and Noble to stare at books, which is nearly-free entertainment for all three of us.  Well, ok, cheap entertainment.  I stared at knitting magazines, but didn’t find one that jumped off the shelf and said I had to buy it.  Son decided he had to have the pocket (??) version of “The Dangerous Book for Boys”, which was fine with me, that’s a fun and interesting book.  As I was standing in line to pay for it, a 75% off knitting book I’d been looking at a moment before started crying my name…I jumped out of line and grabbed it, because there’s some really pretty sweaters, scarves, hats and also a small stitch library in it, as well as some instruction on more intermediate techniques, such as colorwork, entrelac, etc.  Anyway, have to just love that B&N discount card when combined with the final sale book bin – the whole thing came to under $20 (tax incl.) for books that originally cost $15 and $25.  🙂


Gave up on the Horcrux socks earlier this week, after finishing an entire sock, which looked great until I put it on.  Once I did that, the grafting on the toes pulled loose, and I noted big holes in the gusset where I picked up stitches (and not at the corner of the flap, either – really ugly!), plus I discovered that I had dropped a stitch halfway through the foot, which was also creating ugliness.  I didn’t even bother to frog, I was so ticked.  I was 2/3 of the way convinced I should just put my whole stash and all needles up for sale on Ravelry…for about 15 minutes.  Then I decided that it was just one of those knitting failures and I should keep on trying. 


The next night, I grabbed my OYT Bamboo and the dpns and decided I would start some kind of different sock, so I took all that and a stitch library to my sit & knit night, and got quite a bit of cuff ribbing done.  Moving along, following night I messed up the *&)(^$@#@ trellis lace stitch pattern and gave that up.  Temporarily.  Picking up some organic cotton from my stash, I decided I would try a more simple lace stitch and make a wide scarf/small wrap.  You guessed it in one – messed that up, too!!  Guess it doesn’t pay for me to try to knit lacy things and watch movies at the same time!  LOL!


Friday night, however, I finally got myself together, started again with the OYT Bamboo, and got a decent sock going.  This time, I’m sort of making up my own lace stitch, in that I’ve expanded upon the one shown in Hatsuyo’s Lacy Socks, which I recently knitted.  So far, it’s coming along beautifully, no mistakes that I didn’t catch in time to tink a few stitches and fix.  Phew!  I think I have my knitting mojo back, but only time will tell. 


As for my hair, well, I really tried not to shampoo at all.  But being a smoker, I think my hair might get a bit dirtier and smellier than most or maybe I’m just that addicted.  So last weekend, I bouth a Burt’s Bees shampoo that has no sulfates (detergents), no parabens, and nothing of some other thing that’s really bad and unnatural.  I used it on Monday, and *hated* it immediately – it seemed to be far worse than regular shampoo, stripping my hair completely (like wet Barbie doll hair!  UGH!), so that I had to condition it three full times and then leave some conditioner in to get it feeling soft.  I had a great hair day, very curly and nice, and stayed that way, but still, UGH!  So, the rest of the week, I just conditioned.  And I didn’t itch, but I didn’t have great hair, either.  I woke up Friday, and my hair was just flat and felt rough, so I dared to try the Burt’s Bees shampoo again.  This time, I believe that I discovered the trick with this stuff, which is to use just a very small amount, and to only just run my fingers through my hair, no scrub/rub, then rinse quickly.  I did that yesterday and today, and I admit that I still have to condition it 2 times afterward, but I’m getting the most beee-u-tiful corkscrew curls and my hair is soft, soft, soft…which is amazing, considering that it’s been twice-colored since my last haircut.  Yee-hah!  So – no shampoo doesn’t seem to work all that well for me – tighter curl, but not fabulous curl without styling product.  But low-poo (as in shampoo with no detergents) seems to work very, very well.  So nice to see and feel my curls looking all pretty and soft and nice.  Ahhhh!


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