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Socks and more socks

So – I finished the lacy socks and they are Beee-u-tiful, if I do say so myself.  I will get the pictures up, I promise, but I can’t do that while using my work-provided laptop to post, so I need to get a few minutes on a computer that is actually under my ownership.  LOL! 


Anyway, once I finished those, I launched right into yet another pair, using Kollage Luscious this time.  The colorway, Bouquet, is just beatiful, and the yarn is soft and nice, but a bit splitty.  Sadly, I just can’t seem to make something I’m liking with it.  I think I need smaller needles.  I only have US

 2.5 and 3 size needles (3.00 and 3.25 mm) in Knit Picks Harmony, which seem to be my sock needles of choice.  I have bunches of Clover bamboos, but the tips are not at all pointy on those, AND my size 2’s are 7″, which just seems really clumsy for socks.  I like my 6″ Harmonies.  So I’m seeing a KP order in my near future.  Anyway, I’ve given up on the Luscious for the moment, since I popped into one of my LYS today and sprang for another ball of the On Your Toes Bamboo yarn, plus a ball of Berroco Comfort Sock

The bamboo is in a similar colorway to the one I’ve already knitted, but this time a solid gray-lavendar, and the Comfort Sock is rather boring, just plain navy blue.  I’ve avoided buying the Comfort up till now because the LYS only had it in solid gray and solid blue.  Bleah.  But, I am sure I can knit some nice socks for someone on my holiday list from it, and it’s super-soft, so I’m giving it a shot.  Plus, it will work on the needles I have (LOL!).

OYT Bamboo #2


Husband has his motorcyle running (rather well, too), but has yet to take it for any real rides, other than into town to fill the tank with gas, which is only a few miles, round trip.  It’s registered, it’s insured, but the only days he worked last week (Thu and Fri) were pretty rainy around here, and he hasn’t gotten a rainsuit in case of sudden downpour yet.  Since neither VW is currently running (oy vey, what a MESS!), he’s been driving his truck, which leaves my 20 year old son driving my car to work in the late afternoon, and husband swapping vehicles with son on the way home from his work.  Yeesh. 


Our friends that have been staying with us since Christmas moved out this weekend.  They found a killer bargain on a rental home in the northern edge of eastern Nashville.  I haven’t seen the house yet, just some pictures.  It seems nice, but needs a bunch of work, which they will be doing part of in order to “earn” their half-priced rent for the year..  It’s a HUGE house on around a half acre, though, and I think they’ll have some fun trying to fill it up, since it’s just the two of them, a cat and something like 13 ferrets who will have a big fat basement almost all to themselves – well, the ferrets, the laundry area, and a little office for the man of the house to goof around on the computer at night and on the weekends.  My friend is very happy it’s a big house, though, because she has a nice room on the main floor to use for sewing, knitting, scrapbooking, etc.  Her office, so to speak.  It’s nice that they have their own place now, it’s nice to have ours to ourselves again…a bit quiet right now, but nice.  But it’s worrisome, too, because I think they may have jumped out too soon, with not enough money in their pockets to insulate them from any little emergencies.  In fact, they wound up leaving about 1/3 or so of their stuff here for the time being, because of budget constraints on buying gasoline to get their full-size van back and forth from our house to theirs.  Sigh…worry, worry.  Not much I can do, though – they are grown-ups who have to make their own decisions, of course.  All husband and I could do was to keep assuring them that we were in no hurry for them to move and that they could stay as long as it took for them to be securely on their feet.  I know it sucks living with other people and feeling like you’re imposing, and I guess they’d had enough after almost 7 months of that.  Sure hope it all works out ok…(and if/when my dear friend reads this, please take no offense…I have to vent my worries somewhere, you know, and this is pretty damned anonymous, really!)  Heck, hardly anyone actually reads my blog anyway.  LOL!


Well, must go now.  It’s raining sheep and alpaca out (instead of cats and dogs), and my sock yarn is calling me.  🙂


ETA – Finally got some time on family ‘puter at 7:00 am on a Sunday morning – everyone else is sleeping!  LOL!


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