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Something for everyone (or no one)!

So I have not blogged in a long time.  That’s because I haven’t had anything much to say, since there’s not been much new.  But my dear friend CYR came to visit last weekend, we had a blast, and I really wish I’d been smart enough to take some frickin’ pictures (duuuuh), since white space with black text makes Marla’s blog a dull document.  😉

1/29-30/10 Snowfall, Middle TN

1/29-30/10 Snowfall, Middle TN

I do have some interesting pictures of snowiness, since we’ve had a couple of bouts with it in recent weeks here in Middle TN.  And yet, our snow was very small compared to so many other places in the U.S., so I’m almost embarrassed to post them (but I will show them anyway, LOL!)

These two are “morning after” photos, I think, so January 30, 2010, in front of my house.  That’s about 2″-3″ of snow/ice – a very, very frozen crusty top there, and very slick.  I have some more of the husband shoveling the driveway – all driveway contents were shoveled into the Dodge Dakota pick-up, which has a less-than-happy rear end and needed the weight to prevent fish-tailing.  🙂

Husband shoveling the walk in front of the house, 1/30/10

Tomorrow is my birthday.  I’ll be 51, a venerable age for one who is among the last of those born in the Baby Boom years.  I’m feeling rather introspective and perhaps just a little bit “down” about the whole thing just now, which is probably a product of the much-longer job search duration than I had hoped to incur.  So here I sit in my house each day, scanning the on-line job boards, networking on LinkedIn, trying to make actual human contacts with people.  I’ve been in TN for 5 years now, and most of the people that I know in my field were laid off at the same time as I.  Some are still looking for their Next Big Thing, just as I am.  A few are very recently re-employed and not yet in a position to be helpful to their former colleagues.  I have had some very successful interviews and been passed over anyway.  I had one absolutely fabulous job in the palm of my hand, or so it seemed, and the economy put a stop to it.  Certainly, I’ve seen more jobs coming open recently, it’s just a matter of my being in the right place at the right moment to say the exact right words to impress the right person to get the right offer for the right job – gee, that shouldn’t be to difficult, should it?  Hehehe!  😉

Plain stockinette socks for car & knit-night knitting! 😉

I finished a pair of hand-knitted socks recently, see photo at the right.  These are made from Crystal Palace Yarns Panda Cotton, using US Size 1.5 Knit Picks Harmony DPNs.  I gave them to CYR, because they were perfect for her.  Gave her another pair I had knitted last year, as well, and also gave her a lovely re-knit of my new Cowl Me Sheepless in Spring Hill design, this time in a thinner yarn (Berroco Pure Pima in a lovely royal purple that has been discontinued), to make a smaller, more snug-fitting cowl.  Silly me, I failed to get photos of it before handing it off to the recipient, so now I don’t have it preserved for posterity here.  Oh, well, that’s how the yarn knots, right?  😛

I guess that’s about all I have for now.  As usual, I will close with a video, one which suits my current situation!  😛


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Finally, an FO pic and some words…

copyright Denise Lew, used with permission

copyright Denise Lew, used with permission

My latest FO, of which I am inordinately proud, despite the fact that it has an ugly blemish in the back neck, where I suffered a massive failure to properly join yarn.  🙂  This is my rendition of Baby Picchu from the Berroco Design Team. I used Berroco Comfort yarn, instead of the called-for wooliness, for the obvious reason that I’m allergic to wool, but also because I think that new Moms should not have to even think about how they need to wash baby things. And babies are very messy creatures, so even an outerwear sweater is going to need frequent washing. Anyway, it was a quick and relatively easy knit, and I’m happy with every single stitch except that ugly spot. Hehehe!

Nothing much new on the job front, just plugging away at submitting resumes to both the advertised and unadvertised job market. A random resume submittal to a well-known company in the computer industry resulted in a request for a phone interview this week, and I am currently awaiting scheduling of a 2nd interview (or some other next-step) from another company with whom I interviewed by phone last week. I have been trying to be really persistent and productive on the hunt, making sure that no single day goes by that I don’t submit at least one resume somewhere, either to a position being advertised on one of the job boards or corporate web sites, or just an unsolicited submittal somewhere. Also have been working on expanding my network of contacts on LinkedIn, which is social networking gone professional. What else, what else? Oh, I think I’ve re-written or at least “touched up” my resume at least 4 times in the last month (hehehe!). And I’m slowly acquiring Project Management coursework via the online training available from the outplacement company retained by my soon-to-be-former employer. So I keep busy, yet am fidgety, bored, have no attention span and am having trouble sleeping. All of which sort of digs into the knitting progress, if you know what I mean.

More when I have it! 🙂


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