About…me, of course

And now, for something not at all different – some words about me.  (updated July 2015)

I am in my 50’s, age-wise. I was born in Massachusetts but raised in several places.  I’ve lived in New England, Maryland, both Central and Southern California, Arizona’s Valley of the Sun, and currently reside in the wilds of Middle Tennessee, about 35 miles out of Music City USA, aka Nashville.

To say that there are far too many males in my household would be to put it mildly.  I live with my wonderful husband (52 this fall), our 2 sons (ages 27 and 20 this year), an 11 yr. old tuxedo cat (BoBo), an adopted ~11 yr. old grey/brown tabby the former neighbors abandoned (Rocky), a 3+ year old marmalade cat named Geordie, and a huge gray ball of fur named Remus (2 years old).

After many twists and turns in my career, I am currently employed by a business process outsourcer as a Senior Project Manager.  It’ll be 2 years in late August, and I still love it there.  Great people, great company.

I am just a wee bit obsessed with my hair.  It’s curly.  Very curly.  It’s the kind of curly hair that, if not handled properly, becomes very…big.  Big, big hair.  Poofy hair.  Triangular hair.  From 1972 to 2008, I wore it in some variation of a ‘poodle cut’, a-la Little Orphan Annie, so that I wouldn’t have to deal with the triangle.  Then I discovered the Curly Girl Method of hair care.  Magic!  If you have curls, man or woman, I encourage you to try it.   CG method rocks!

I knit, when I can.  The older that I get, the shorter my attention span for knitting and the more that my wrists hurt after a day at the keyboard and mouse.  I learned to crochet as a child in 1970, and to knit in 2007.  In addition to knitting and crocheting, I am an avid reader, particularly of historical fiction.  I can’t just sit and watch TV without doing something else, and I’ve become completely addicted to Amazon Prime Instant Video and Netflix in the last year or so.  I love crime shows (NCIS, CSI, etc.), some of the PBS drama series (Call The Midwife, Downton Abbey), and Star Trek.  And I’m a sucker for a tear jerker movie, like Steel Magnolias or Forrest Gump.

WARNING:  I’m a true blue bleeding heart liberal, Living Blue in a Red State.  The older that I become, the more outspoken I am about my political beliefs.  They may be seen on this blog from time to time, so that my Facebook friends aren’t constantly besieged.  🙂


2 responses to “About…me, of course

  1. bibomedia

    February 29, 2008 at 6:44 am


  2. jewlbal3

    August 3, 2008 at 6:09 pm

    Glad I stopped by — love your blog! I too received a lot of help from — just a wonderful resource! I still refer back to it now and then!

    Look forward to following your knitting travels!


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