Monthly Archives: October 2015

Doing more than #feelthebern

Someone on the Internet recently commented that it is not enough to just use the tag ‪#‎feelthebern‬ all the time. Those of us that support Bernie need to say why and say it often. So here’s today’s rant.

We’ve got Rubio wanting to fire government workers for not doing their jobs, even though he’s missed a huge number of votes this year, even before he opened his campaign.

Jeb thinks that W kept us safe and that, while Hillary may be blamed for Benghazi, W bears no responsibility for 9/11 and gets all the credit for the fact that it hasn’t happened again. He also thinks that we spend too much money on women’s health, that Americans need to work harder and longer (we work plenty thanks), and more. His tax plan is the repeat of what got us into the situation we’re already in. And more.

Carson thinks that mass murder is OK as long as we don’t mess with gun rights, that the Oregon victims were chickens, and that the Jews were responsible for their own genocide in WWII, because they should not have given up the guns they’d never had. Oh, also everything he doesn’t like either compares to slavery or the Nazis.

The ever self-absorbed Trump is running for Tyrant in Chief and has multiple plans to violate the Constitution, has offended most (if not all) Latinos, Muslims, women and more. Plus, he lacks honesty. After telling us all about how he was going to increase taxes on the rich, he structured a massive reduction for himself. Other than that, most of his plans are something like, ‘trust me, I’m smart and rich, I can do this’. He’s also a petulant child with an over developed ego.

Then there’s Cruz and Huckabee waging their campaigns of hate. Jindal is insane, Graham is too much of a gentleman for this crowd, and Kasich had so many unforced errors that I’ve lost count, plus the rest are dying on the vine.

Hillary is still going strong on the polls, but I think that a vote for her is a vote for more years of gridlock, because the only people that the GOP hates more than President Obama would be anyone named Clinton.

O’Malley doesn’t have the name recognition and Lessig is kind of a joke, Biden isn’t going to run and Webb had the sense to give up.

Meanwhile, Sanders is running a clean and strong campaign that is based on the issues that We the People care about: making college affordable, strengthening the safety net for the poor and seniors, protecting and expanding civil rights for all, and putting people to work to improve our failing infrastructure. Fixing income inequality, overturning Citizens United, ending ‘too big to fail’, restoring Glass-Steagall. And more. His plans are substantive and public. And his positions haven’t changed since the dark ages of the 70’s.