More politics…Trump and the Bible

28 Aug

So I followed the #TrumpBible tag on Facebook tonight and ran into a random post by an unknown person who wondered why the press (or anyone else, for that matter) should be asking Trump for Bible quotes, because there’s not supposed to be a religious test to run for office.  And so there shouldn’t be.  BUT – when a candidate is asked for his favorite book and replies, “The Bible”, he’s asking to be asked these questions.  When he says that he attends a church that hasn’t seen him in years and isn’t of the denomination to which he claims to belong, he’s asking to be asked.  And then, when he can’t/won’t name his favorite verses in his favorite book, he’s really leaving himself open for both the legitimate questions of the press, and the mocking of social media. 

All of which is to say, Chuck out the Trump Bible quotes on Twitter.  Some of them are pretty funny.

IMHO, YMMV, etc.  🙂


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