Ooo, look, *another* FO! ;)

04 Jun

Brought to you by Something in the Water where I work (where it seems like half the women 40 and under are pregnant or trying or just had a child).  Here’s Wyatt, by Kelly Hendrich, a very sweet little baby pullover that is made all in one piece. Very easy pattern, knit night, car and other interruption friendly (important!), and pretty simple to re-size for a different yarn weight or a different size child. The yarn is Plymouth Jeannee, a very yummy and affordable cotton blend that I’ve used before and love. The sweater and hat were made for a woman in my workplace who is expecting her first child, a girl, due later this month. And yes, the mother-to-be was most appreciative and is very knit-worthy!

And I enjoyed knitting it so much that I’m making another one for a colleague on my team who is expecting her 2nd child, this time using Berroco Touche in the amazingly gorgeous colorway called Peeps! 😀

my Wyatt pullover with a coordinating cap


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