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An Open Letter to the U.S. Olympic Committee

Since I couldn’t possibly say this any better than fellow blogger and raveler Knit Purl Gurl, please visit her blog to read the letter.  It would be impossible for me to agree any more heartily.  

As ravelers would say, agree (1,000,000)!


Ooo, look, *another* FO! ;)

Brought to you by Something in the Water where I work (where it seems like half the women 40 and under are pregnant or trying or just had a child).  Here’s Wyatt, by Kelly Hendrich, a very sweet little baby pullover that is made all in one piece. Very easy pattern, knit night, car and other interruption friendly (important!), and pretty simple to re-size for a different yarn weight or a different size child. The yarn is Plymouth Jeannee, a very yummy and affordable cotton blend that I’ve used before and love. The sweater and hat were made for a woman in my workplace who is expecting her first child, a girl, due later this month. And yes, the mother-to-be was most appreciative and is very knit-worthy!

And I enjoyed knitting it so much that I’m making another one for a colleague on my team who is expecting her 2nd child, this time using Berroco Touche in the amazingly gorgeous colorway called Peeps! 😀

my Wyatt pullover with a coordinating cap