Monthly Archives: July 2010

Summer Breeze

As I grow older and older (and older!), I find myself ever more nostalgic for the more innocent times of my youth. And yet, at the same time, I’m happy to be where I am, as I am. Odd, huh? Still, my craving for old music and old movies is huge lately. Heck, last night, I was watching Fraggle Rock on Netflix! (Can anyone familiar with the Fraggles even believe that the show is 25 years old now?) Anyway, the soft rock/pop music of the 1970’s is really appealing to me lately. I’ve always loved it, but in recent weeks, I’ll gladly take Carole King over Taylor Swift, America over Sugarland, etc.

Nothing new on the knitting front – Estonian lace in Sea Silk is still kickin’ my butt – I’ve frogged sections of this scarf more often than anything since my earliest projects…except “Hey, Teach!”, which has been on ‘time out’ forever and a day. 😛 Working hard at my new (temporary) project management job, and it’s causing serious brain-fry, which limits my usable knitting time. Plus, my commute is fairly long (1.25-2.25 hours each way, depending on traffic), which also eats into my knitting time. 😦 Not much else to talk about, so…

I’ll close with a taste of my taste in music lately, one appropriate to the season: