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Just because it’s June

(Featured clip is from “Carousel”, Rodgers & Hammerstein, one of my favorite musicals!)

Here it is, June 1st, 2010. I can’t believe that it’s already June! I feel tremendously unsuccessful so far this year. Other than a few iterations of 198 Yds of Heaven (Ravelry link), I’ve not completed much this year. I have a second sock in progress, and it’s very nearly completed. I have a lovely lace piece on the needles, Lily of the Valley Scarf from Nancy Bush’s Knitted Lace of Estonia book (another Ravelry link). That one is a joy to work, since I’m using some highly addictive Sea Silk from Handmaiden Fine Yarns. But it’s also not as portable as it could be, since it’s charted. Even with my Knit Picks chart keeper (Thanks, Mr. Marlajap for the great gift last December!), it’s a bit much to take to Knit Night! 😛 And, while I did find a job (finally!), it’s rather draining mentally, which is really eating into my knitting time, as is moderating some forums on Ravelry and, well, you know – being a member of a family, for heaven’s sake! I do have to spend a little time with my husband and/or sons once in a while, do the infrequent household task like laundry or dishes (Huh?! What’s that?!), and shop for groceries and such. ::sigh::

I did, however, want to put up a quick (very past-due) post to say, Yes, I did survive the Great Nashville Flood of 2010. We had 15″ of rain in one weekend at the beginning of May, and while it was a close call, there was really no flooding in my neighborhood, other than in some crawl spaces. The city of Nashville, cities north of Nashville, and many other areas, including Franklin, TN (only a few miles north of me, and where my husband works) were heavily, heavily flooded and there was billions of dollars of damage. The Schermerhorn Symphony Center alone will require $15M to repair; the Grand Ole Opry and the Opryland Hotel, and the Opry Mills shopping center were all deeply flooded and will require months of repair before they are back in business. Ugly, ugly. And, of course, as with Hurricane Katrina, the property insurance companies are refusing to cover much – either people weren’t in a flood plain and, therefore, didn’t have flood insurance, or they did and the insurer is denying the claim or pro rating it down to nothing, etc. FEMA is being pretty responsive, but getting the real money from FEMA takes time and patience. The home improvement stores and the clean-up/repair contractors are about the only ones who are benefiting from the whole nasty business. And the media almost completely ignored the entire event, far too absorbed with a terror attack that didn’t happen and the (admittedly horrible) oil spill in Louisiana. 😦 My water-logged crawl space? Well, I’m not on a flood plain, so I don’t have flood insurance, and even though there wasn’t actually any flooding in my neighborhood, the insurance company still calls it flooding (or so says my work colleague who has insurance from the same company and agent). It wasn’t flooding, because water did not overcome my foundation walls, it seeped up from the ground that couldn’t hold it anymore! Grrrr. Still, it could have been so much worse for me and my family, so I’m counting my blessings daily! 🙂 If you have the spare cash, please donate to any of the fine charities helping those who lost all or almost all in the Nashville Floods – you can find links to some of those organizations at this TV station web site. 🙂


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