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Feeling kind of folksy

Still don’t have a lot to say – no new job yet, although I’ve had some nibbles.  I’m doing all of the things I should be doing, with the exception of accosting every person I know and many that I don’t, looking for new contacts who might, by chance, be able to help me find a job.  Most of the people I know are either unemployed from the same company that laid *me* off, or new to job, or otherwise not in a position to assist me.  OK, ’nuff whining about the job hunt.

On the knitting front, I did finish Take II of the Cowl Me Sheepless in Spring Hill pattern I designed, but I haven’t blocked it or photographed it yet.  That needs to be done this week, since the recipient is flying in to Nashville on Friday for a long-awaited weekend visit (yay!).  😛


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In a Broadway frame of mind

I was listening to some Broadway show tunes on Napster this afternoon, and this one cheered me so that I had to go dig up a YouTube video for your watching pleasure.  😉

Still nothing new or exciting on the job front, but that’s ok, the market does seem to be picking up a bit with the New Year, as the pundits predicted.  I’ve got lots of irons in the fire, just need for one to get nicely red hot, if you know what I mean.  Unfortunately, the job that I really wanted, which was put on hold in November, seems to have been eliminated altogether.  I guess I’d rather have that happen before I got hired, rather than getting laid off again PDQ.  So there’s a silver lining in every cloud, right?

I finished take 2 of my sheepless cowl, this time in some beautiful DK-weight Berroco Pure Pima yarn sent to me by a dear friend, who will be the recipient of the pretty cowl, once I’ve washed and blocked it.  🙂

Happy watching!

(P.S. – I enjoyed watching Jason Alexander do the made-for-TV version in the ’90’s (I think), but the original is absolutely the BEST – no one was better in this role than Dick Van Dyke!  😛


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