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Scraps of yarn and life

Well, it’s certainly been a busy and interesting time since I last posted, but I am not sure that my writing skills are up to providing a witty description of it all.  So, I’ll keep it short.  I have gotten really busy at work recently, being selected to work on a cross-functional global project team related to the merger of my employer with the huge IT company that purchased us last year.  Busy, busy, busy – days and days full of long conference calls, to the point where my cordless telephone battery kept dying.  And so, of course, because I had interesting, necessary work ahead of me for months and months and felt mildly secure in my job for the first time in a year, I was notified yesterday that my position had been eliminated effective immediately, so that I now have 60 days to find a new job internally or will be separated from the company.  Yes, I’ll get a decent severance package by today’s standards, and yes, that 60 days is really helpful.  But, Waaaaaaa!  It’s been TEN YEARS since my last external job hunt, so I’m quite hoping that something comes up internally, and am refusing to go down without a fight.  Already have submitted my resume to a couple of internal hiring managers, as well as the best-known internet job boards.

On the knitting front, I’ve completed all knitting and seaming on a cute little baby cardi for a person whose name cannot yet be mentioned (it’s a surprise), and just need to weave in a couple of final ends, wash it and mail it.  (About time, that baby is due next week!!)  The pattern I used was a freebie, Baby Picchu from Berroco, which is pretty easy and very quick, since it’s actually made in a worsted/aran weight yarn!  Yay!  Of course, I didn’t use the yarn it requests (Berroco Pure Merino), due to my allergies and my firm believe that a new mama needs to have the easiest possible laundry routine.  So, since this isn’t an item a child would sleep in anyway, I went ahead and used Berroco Comfort, a really excellent acrylic.  It looks fabulous, if I do say so myself, and will get some pictures up once the new mama has the sweater in her hands.

My Facebook friends, many of whom are people I haven’t seen since the mid-1980’s or even longer, are really getting to know me better.  One of them, a fellow I knew when I was in college and living in Central California, messaged the following video to me – very cool!  I wouldn’t do it myself (crazy!), but I think it’s really cool that someone did.  🙂

And so, now that I have updated my three regular readers (lol!), I’m off to visit those internet job boards and especially the internal ones for my company, to look for more opportunities.  🙂


Too pooped to purl…

B-tch, whine, moan, complain.

Wow.  Just wow.  What a weekend!  Here in Tennessee, the K-12 kids go back to school for the new academic year sometime between the last week in July and the middle of August.  My younger son’s school system returns to class this coming Thursday, August 13.  The first weekend in August each year is a Tennessee state sales tax holiday for items that students need most – clothing, shoes, school supplies, and computers.  There are some limits to what you can buy tax-free, but in general, most basic items that a K-12 or college kid would need are free of sales tax from Friday through Sunday.  To coincide with this, the retailers offer some pretty good sales most years.  This is a now-honored tradition in my household because saving the 9%+ sales tax on the annual horror of back-to-school shopping is nothing to sneeze at!

So, first thing Saturday morning, we saddled up with the younger son and off we went to purchase clothes & school supplies.  Armed with the knowledge that the boy grew about 2-3 inches over the summer and also with the mandated supply list for 8th grade, we stopped first at Kohl’s here in Spring Hill.  For $68, we obtained an arm-full of great shirts – two layered plaid sport shirts with t-shirts underneath, a “Hawaiian” style shirt,  a basic golf shirt, and a couple of nice t-shirts.  There was no way, however, that I was going to pay $21-$35 for a pair of jeans with the rate he’s growing.  Plus, he’s a picky little cuss, and actually prefers one of the house brands at Wally-World, Faded Glory.  So, our next stop was to visit Wally for jeans and supplies.  For the boy, we got 4 pairs of jeans, a pair of cargo pants, more t-shirts, socks and underwear, plus most of the school supplies and a couple of pairs of jeans and t-shirts for the husband for just $142 (eek!).  The final stop was Staples for the rest of the school supplies and some household office stuff at yet another $40.  Oh, and a quick jaunt to Sears for husband’s underwear (he’s picky about those) for another $20-ish.  Yeesh.

All of this was in addition the cash drop in Thursday for the school itself – school fees ($58), the school-mandated agenda/planner ($5), the obligatory school t-shirt ($10) and the cost of the first field trip of the year ($25).  Oy vey.  I was drop-dead exhausted from this, and ready to just be a vegetable, playing on Ravelry and/or Facebook, and do a little knitting.  And, although we spent a lot, we got good bargains and feel good about having gotten value for our money (except that school fee, that one just burns me – I already pay property taxes to fund things like workbooks and reading material for my kid!).

Sadly, almost as soon as we got home, my kids presented me with the understanding that we had problems with our “family” computer in the living room.  Sigh No one in my house is much of a geeky computer type.  We use ‘em, but we don’t fully understand ‘em.  Still, since I’ve worked around technology for so long, I am the closest to being a geek.  So when there’s a problem, everyone hollers for Mom!

So off I went to investigate.  What a mess – the computer had some awful virus or something that completely messed up the file associations, so that no applications or shortcuts would do anything but present an error message asking whether a search of the web for an appropriate application with which to open should be done.  OMf-ingG – what a pain in the butt seven hours later, I had managed to restore some of the functionality and removed a nasty Trojan virus, but some other things still weren’t working properly.  I could not find any answers on the internet for the final problems, and so, decided that I would have to do a “restore” back to factory settings on Sunday.

In conversation about all of this, Husband and I decided that the time had come to obtain an external hard drive, onto which we could transfer all photos, music from owned CDs, important document files (like our saved tax return PDFs), etc., and also maintain monthly or weekly back-ups for the computers in the household.  Between that and regular grocery shopping, Sunday was another expensive and exhausting day.  All of the stores were just mad-houses – almost as bad as Black Friday.  Retailers had some great sale items/discounts/coupons, so it was crazy – parking was awful, check-out lines a mile long, people questioning the price of every item (“No, no – those plastic binders are supposed to be 50 cents each, why are 15 of them coming up to $27.50?! … What do you mean, there’s a limit of 5 per purchase?! {more arguing ensues while the line gets even longer}…Fine, then ring them up as three separate purchases of 5 binders each.  Right now!!”).

Ugh.  It was 6 hours before we got back home.  And I was, again, totally exhausted, but still had to do the factory restore on the computer.  Ugh.  Got it done, took forever, but I think I did it wrong.  The OS and most settings were definitely re-set (120+ updates from Microsoft, thank you very little!!), but most of our added applications and all of our documents/pictures/etc. (which I had backed up to a USB drive) were still intact – or, at least, still there.  Didn’t run, but the files were still there.  The kiddo reinstalled them, and now they work fine.  Weird.  I would do it again, straight from the restore disks I created when we bought it, but I think I’d collapse in exhaustion, and my younger son would probably cry for a week.  LOL!

I entered the weekend by casting on the sleeve of a 3-6 months size cardigan.  I left the weekend with ¾” of ribbing started on the other sleeve.  Since there is a delivery deadline for this item, and I’d really like to make a hat to go with it, I’m hoping I’ll have more success during the week!  Thinking that I would get more knitting done this weekend, I did go to Joann to buy “cute buttons” for this baby sweater.  I made an interesting discovery.  The ‘cute buttons are neither washable, nor child-safe.  This made my temper flare more than a little bit – I mean, what person over the age of 12 would want to wear buttons shaped like a tractor, a teddy bear, kitty/puppy or a baby block?!  About 15 minutes in to my search, I suddenly had an epiphany that should have occurred before I entered the store:  buttoning up baby garments is a pain in the butt in the best of situations.  I realized then that there is no fun and even less success to be had in trying to fasten oddly-shaped “cute buttons”  on a wiggling, squirming, flailing and possibly-crying baby!  If I were the Mom, knowing what I know now, I would just as soon have plain round buttons that don’t fight about being fastened.  So, that’s what I got.  They aren’t cute, but they are colorful & highly functional, which is much more important to me!

So my weekend wasn’t at all relaxing, now it’s Monday, I’m back at work, and I’m still too pooped to purl!


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