Finis, finally – Partly Cloudy (Soleil)

26 Jul

I never did remember to come back and show off my lovely FO (see last post):

Me, in my Partly Cloudy (Soleil, in gray Sublime Organic Cotton DK)

Partly Cloudy, arm opening

Partly Cloudy, arm opening

Lace hem, of which I am particularly proud!

Lace hem, of which I am particularly proud!

My little blocking helper, Bobo. :)

My little blocking helper, Bobo. 🙂

Hey, Teach! continues to make me more than a little crazy.  Someday soon, I need to completely frog the originally-knitted left-front.  I have a new on OTN, and have completed the initial arm opening shaping, and need to just tink/frog back about 1/2″ to 1″ and start the neck shaping (oops! – you know you’re on the right track with the D*&^$#\%@ lace pattern when you knit too far!!).  Tuscany still languishes, unloved, but I did finally bind off my very first toe-up sock, of which I still need to take a picture…but perhaps I will wait to do that until I knit it a twin…which, since I’ve not been in a sock-knitting mood for months, may be sometime around the date when hell is scheduled to freeze over – I think I’ve fallen victim not to an easy case of SSS (Second Sock Syndrome), but the far more insidious KSBMS (knitting socks bores me syndrome)…



One response to “Finis, finally – Partly Cloudy (Soleil)

  1. Roadchick

    July 27, 2009 at 9:03 am

    If I were knitting ‘Hey Teach’ and having as much trouble with it as you are, that thing would’ve been renamed ‘Hey Bitch’ a long, long time ago.

    Here’s to what it takes to keep on keepin’ on!!!



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