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Finis, finally – Partly Cloudy (Soleil)

I never did remember to come back and show off my lovely FO (see last post):

Me, in my Partly Cloudy (Soleil, in gray Sublime Organic Cotton DK)

Partly Cloudy, arm opening

Partly Cloudy, arm opening

Lace hem, of which I am particularly proud!

Lace hem, of which I am particularly proud!

My little blocking helper, Bobo. :)

My little blocking helper, Bobo. 🙂

Hey, Teach! continues to make me more than a little crazy.  Someday soon, I need to completely frog the originally-knitted left-front.  I have a new on OTN, and have completed the initial arm opening shaping, and need to just tink/frog back about 1/2″ to 1″ and start the neck shaping (oops! – you know you’re on the right track with the D*&^$#\%@ lace pattern when you knit too far!!).  Tuscany still languishes, unloved, but I did finally bind off my very first toe-up sock, of which I still need to take a picture…but perhaps I will wait to do that until I knit it a twin…which, since I’ve not been in a sock-knitting mood for months, may be sometime around the date when hell is scheduled to freeze over – I think I’ve fallen victim not to an easy case of SSS (Second Sock Syndrome), but the far more insidious KSBMS (knitting socks bores me syndrome)…


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Ramblings of a stressed-out knitter

So. I haven’t actually had anything much to say here in quite some time. I thought I had better do some talking. 😉 What have I been up to? Well, not much, really, just work/family/knitting, etc. So this post will probably be a jumble of all that stuff.

On the knitting front, I have my Party Sunny tank (ravelry link) blocking on the ironing board since last night. This is my attempt at the Alexandra Virgeil’s beautiful Soleil pattern from Spring 2005 knitty. As I was prepping it for blocking, my clown cat, Bobo, decided it looked like a comfy place to sleep…or, he just wanted to make sure I knew he loved me by gifting the tank with some nice cat hair! 😉 It came out very nicely, as far as I can tell. I think it’s a big bigger than intended, which makes no sense, since I knitted it exactly as written (no modifications at all), got perfect gauge in my chosen yarn (of the correct weight, and checked it three times during garment-knitting), etc. So, if after blocking, it doesn’t look good, I’ll probably wash it by hand, press it partly dry in a towel and toss it in the dryer for a while to see if I can shrink it up a bit. It is, after all, 100% cotton – delicious Sublime Organic Cotton DK in the #92 colorway (Borage), a lovely shade of soft gray – hence, the project name, Partly Cloudy, alluding to the fact that this is not a sunny, bright colored garment. Pics when it’s finished blocking. 😀

Also on the knitting front, I’m stalled on slogging through my Hey Me project, using Helene Rush’s lovely Hey, Teach! pattern from Summer 2008 knitty – yes, apparently, I have a “thing” for knitty patterns this summer. Hehehe. 😉 Anyway, this one has really got me down and frustrated. I got the back done lickety-split, but the left front is killing me. I cannot seem to get the lace stitched up correctly once I start the armhole decreases. Most distressing. I’ll probably give it another go soon.

Or maybe I will finish the my Tuscany on $50 shawl (ravelry link) from Amy Singer’s ‘bible of knitting’ for the sheepless set, “No Sheep for You” – I have actually completed the entire written pattern plus at least one additional full repeat, but it looks really small. I don’t have enough experience/skill/knowledge with lace knitting or with the yarn I chose, Ella Rae Silkience, which is now (sadly) discontinued ::pout::, to understand whether it will block out a good deal larger and actually look like a shawl, rather than an overgrown scarf! It’s beautiful (and heavy, due to my yarn choice, which probably wasn’t the best), but a bit on the short/narrow side for a full shawl.

Work? Well, yes, I am still employed – I think. We’ve been having some workforce reductions (aka layoffs) for several months. Heck, what company hasn’t been doing this? After losing my manager (of whom I was fond) back in November, we were finally moved to a new organization and provided a new manager in early May. And now, that manager has also been laid off, along with some people upon whom some of my work depended and of whom I was fond. And now, I’m hearing some fuzzy, indefinite rumblings that perhaps I or my whole group may be on the chopping block. So, terror reigns supreme in my mind. As with just about anyone else, I really cannot afford to be laid off. I’m of an age where finding a new position could be even more difficult than it would be for someone quite a bit younger. Other than that, it’s been a bit slow for me at work – which is another reason for my terror: it’s easier to feel invulnerable when you are swamped with work – it makes you feel important, or maybe it just means you don’t have time to worry! 😛

Home? All is well here, all things considered. Husband has finally given in and signed up for real, live guitar lessons, with a real, live guitar teacher at our local Best Buy. I know, that sounds potentially lame, doesn’t it? But it’s not – husband is actually really learning enough that I can really hear a difference in his technique, and is very happy and comfortable with his teacher. Despite an age difference that is 15+ years and very different professions (my husband is a mechanic!!), they are genuinely friendly with one another, and have some common ground, only discovered after the first full month of lessons. What is that, you ask? Semper Fi, people, semper fi! Yes, indeed, each of them is a former member of The Few, The Proud, The Marines. (and yes, they are very proud of that!)

Older son is unfortunately unemployed for about 2 months now, I believe. Sadly, he committed a very grave error in judgment (actually, used no judgment whatsoever, just spoke off the top of his head), said something terribly inappropriate for the workplace, and very much deserved to be fired. And so, he was fired. He says he is not the first or only person to speak that way in this particular workplace and that he was being made an example or that, perhaps, it was because he was asking to be promoted. Regardless of that, he’s now hunting for something new and has had exactly one interview so far, but potentially has a 2nd interview sometime later this week or early next…I hope! Unfortunately, I suspect that a lot of personnel screeners are looking at his applications with a dim view, considering that this job he lost was his first and only in his life. So, even though he hung in at a fast food restaurant for over two years, he’s perhaps not looking like a great employee.

Younger son. Well, he’s grown. A lot. He is now taller than Mom (me), and only half-a-head shorter than his 6’ tall father (husband). His feet are huge. His voice is changing. Video games are still his passion, though, no sign of that whole boy/girl thing happening yet (for now, I consider this a good thing, since he’s not quite 14!). And a bit bored with summer vacation already – not yet complaining that he’s ready to go back to school, but pretty bored. He’s also very, very ready to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince soon, since it will be opening in theatres this week. I’m excited about that, too, actually! Hehehe…

Have nothing funny to say today, just these bits and pieces of stuff. Since it is Monday, though, I will close with a song. This is one that my husband and I danced to so often when we were dating, it was pretty much “our song”:

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Kenny Chesney – Don’t Blink

This one says it all. Especially when I just really can’t think of anything to say…but you’ll have to follow the link, because embedding has been disabled on this one. 😉

see it here!