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It sure is Monday

Yet another Monday where I wish I was on vacation. 😉

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Of snarking and stockinette

I’m feeling very very snarky tonight.  I think I need to go sit in a corner and knit, staying away from people.  What’s wrong, you might wonder.  Is there a project gone wrong?  No, nothing that interesting.  A bad thing from work?  No, nothing that horrible.  Husband or kid issues?  No, it’s nothing that mundane, either.  Actually, everything was pretty much fine this morning.  And then.  Out of the blue.  It came.  The thing that made me snarky.

Deep in the annals of this blog, there’s a story, a tale of friendship gone down the drain, of people taking advantage of my good nature.  Those people stayed in my home for 7 months in 2008, and when the moved into their own place, were never heard from again.  This is the third time I have helped this couple get back on their feet.  The first time, there was an element of mutual assistance involved, and, as circumstance would have it, the part that assisted me became an impossibility just when I needed it most.  So be it.  But off the couple went to stay with other friends, not to be heard from for ages.

And then, this couple wished to move to the state where I was moving, at the same time I was going.  Why, certainly, I said, you can stay with us until you find a place.  And of course, you can put a few moving boxes in my moving van.  (It was way more than a few, and I had to leave some of my own stuff behind…but I digress).  And, so we all moved, and they stayed, and then they moved on, hardly ever heard from unless I initiated the contact.  Otherwise, only heard if they needed money or needed to complain about a mutual acquaintance now and then.

And then came a time when their living arrangements (with the mutual acquaintance) were going to hell in the proverbial handbasket.  But, of course, you can come stay with us again.  No problem!  Seven months later, they moved out of our house again.  We’d have been happy enough for them to stay a full year, if that’s what it took for them to be solidly on their feet with some cushion monies, but that wasn’t they way they wanted it to be.  As soon as they had a couple of good paychecks from a permanent job under their belt, off they went.  This time, I didn’t initiative contact more than one time – and even that one time was against my better judgement.  But I gave her a chance – one call to see if the lady of the house would like to go on a yarn crawl.  Nope, she didn’t feel like it.  Fine.  Didn’t even bother.  And although they promised they had forwarded their mail, I still get notices from bill collectors and their junk mail.  And although they promised to paint the room in which they stayed, and help replace the ruined carpet, none of that ever happened either.  They left my spare room, in which my in-law live for 6-8 weeks every winter, with coffee stained walls, carpet, pad and subfloor, and ferret waste left on every flat and vertical surface, and ferret stench that couldn’t be removed until we pulled up that carpet, removed the baseboards, painted and re-floored.  How distressing (and expensive).

And now, almost a full year later, having heard not one word from them in all that time, except when I demanded that they remove their ancient refrigerator from my garage 5 months after their move, here they come again.  Will we give them a reference as landlords, since theirs has refused to renew their lease, and they need to show a good rental history?  I cannot believe the outright nerve of this couple.  It has me feeling really snarky, angry and abused.  I don’t like feeling this way.  Will I do what they ask?  Probably, because if I don’t, they’ll be asking to stay in my house again.  And this time, the answer will be a resounding, unequivocal


Even a friendly overture is no longer welcome.  At this point, it’s just too far gone and too many bygones.

On the knitting front, quickly, because I’m still in a bad mood (although Carole King helps cure some of that!) – my Hey Teach is still hibernating, because I’m so completely enamored of some Sublime Organic Cotton DK yarn I picked up at the local fiber festival on a 2-for-1 sale.  Yum!  It’s a pretty shade of grey, naturally dyed with Borage, I believe.  Love love love.  I’m making it into a Soleil tank/camisole from Knitty. It’s beautiful and, after the lovely lace hem and before the arm holes/neckline, a breeze to knit (lots of stockinette in the round), so perfect for in-the-car, while-watching-television or on-a-conference-call knitting. 😀 Everything else is pretty much hibernating, although I try to take some other project out at least once every few days and knit a few rows/rounds. So eventually, they will all get done. But for now, I’m focused on my pretty tank top. 🙂


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