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Wrapped Up in Yarn

My blog has been more boring than usual lately, and that’s saying something, because it’s not all that interesting under normal circumstances. Part of the problem is that I haven’t been doing anything particularly interesting. Part of it is that I can’t think of an amusing way to discuss what I have been doing. And finally, I’ve just been so busy knitting, playing on Ravelry and Facebook, and working that getting back here and writing something kept getting pushed to the bottom of the To Do list.

I’ve been plugging away on my Tuscany shawl during the last week or two, now that I have some connectors for Knit Picks interchangeable cables. These are only available from overseas sellers, as they are manufactured by the company that makes the needles and cables, etc., for Knit Picks, but these parts and some others are not imported by Crafts Americana for the Knit Picks Options line. I love my connectors! Now I can really tell whether my shawl is long enough or not! It’s really pretty, and it’s “finished” according to the pattern (right number of pattern repeats + 1 extra), but it seems too narrow and too short to me. I know that it will stretch a little when I block it, but my yarn isn’t pure silk (as is the recommended one) – it’s cotton, silk and rayon, I believe, so it’s probably going to resist stretching. sigh I haven’t used up the yarn I bought for the shawl anyway, so, even though it’s heavy and unwieldy now, I’ll keep plugging away and knitting a couple of rows every day or two until I’m either satisfied with the size, run out of yarn, or it becomes so heavy I can’t even pick it up, let alone knit it or wear it! LOL!

I also started a Hey, Teach! cardigan (blogged about that) and have that to the point where I’ve divided the back neck to work the shoulders. Can’t seem to get motivated to work any farther, because 90% of my acquaintances and friends have dropped out of the knit-along, due to issues with the lace pattern around the armholes. I’ll get back to it eventually, I just keep getting distracted by comfort knitting. See, there’s this group of folks on Ravelry who like to knit squares to make into blankets for people who are in need of a virtual hug. The squares are quick and easy to do, and I keep getting sucked in to that, instead of working on my main projects! I am even “honcho” over one of the projects, so that I now have a big paper shopping tote from my LYS that is literally filled to the brim with knitted or crocheted blanket squares that I need to seam together. And I don’t have a place to lay them out and arrange them for color at the moment, so they are just sitting in the bag, while I blog. Oy.

Husband and I have been shopping with determination to locate a high-quality, low-cost treadmill for our use in order to get into better shape and health. Husband needs it, I need it. Heck, our sons should be using it, too. I didn’t really want a treadmill, though – totally boring workout, only works your cardiac and calf muscles, and we would have had to spend at least $600 to get one that would work for the husband, who is 6′, 238 lbs., and apparently has a rather heavy stride that makes less-pricey treadmills stop in his tracks. So, we went to the sporting goods store yesterday and checked out elliptical trainers. Those work out nearly your whole body at once, they are really good for strengthening the knees, of course (and I have one really bad one), and I thought we’d be able to get one that would work for husband at a more affordable price point. Well, at new-retail, I was completely wrong. The one we loved was, of course, $600 at that store. Yeesh. So we left, to “think about it”. I got in the car and whipped out my internet-capable phone and surfed on over to craigslist. Once there, I found a Nordic Track elliptical stepper for $125 right in Franklin, which is where we just-so-happened to be shopping at the time. So I called. It was still available, and, despite the fact that it was Mother’s Day, the seller was willing to show it, since the family was in the midst of packing to move. We bought it! Yay! Sadly, I survived all of five minutes on the darned thing last night, but I’m trying for 6 tonight, 7 tomorrow, etc., until I get to at least 15 minutes a day. We’re looking at obtaining something for more stretchy-floor-routine stuff, like a Pilates Aero (I want one so much!), as well, or possibly a used treadmill (to make husband happy), so I’d alternate with the other thing. Of course, since I haven’t been to a doctor to get cleared for exercise, I’m taking the whole thing very slowly for now, and will be happy to get to maybe 10 minutes a day. 🙂

I will leave you with a favorite link –, where you can take little quizzes on subjects like English grammar or vocabulary, multiplication, geography, etc., and help feed rice to hungry people around the world. Check it out today, your brain can probably use the exercise!

I will also leave you with a favorite song, which I’m going to try to do as often as possible, one among my many favorite Garth Brooks songs:

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Rainy Days and Mondays…

Since I’m much to0 waterlogged to think straight, I’ll have to settle for this gem. (Yes, I am a sap – I still love The Carpenters’ music – Karen Carpenter’s voice was like silken caramel – rich and sweet. Enjoy! 🙂  In case you didn’t understand the water reference, it’s been raining almost every single day for almost 2 full weeks now.  If it doesn’t stop soon, my house will be “Sittin’ by the Dock of the Bay”…  😉

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