WIPing it into shape

17 Apr

So here we are, at the end of another long work week.  I’m so glad that it’s finally Friday.  Whew!  It’s not that I had a tremendously busy work week, but there was a little bit of stressful stuff going on at certain points, and at other times, it was just…slow – as in, not that busy,  so I’m just really glad it’s all over…at least for me.  😉  My poor husband has to work a half-day tomorrow, part of a new thing at his workplace.  They’ve always been open on Saturdays, but did not require that there be any mechanics on duty (he works for a landscape equipment dealer).  This spring, with the economy so awful, they’ve come to the conclusion that it would be to their advantage to have a mechanic on duty on Saturdays, in case anything urgent should come in.  So, everyone will have to work a Saturday morning on a rotational basis – one person each week.  There’s several mechanics, so no one should have to do it more than once every couple of months.  So not too bad…and it is overtime, after all, which is always tasty, but is actually pretty important just now, due to pay-cuts that I experienced from my employer.  Ok, it’s not all that often or that much, but every little bit helps! Plus, I get a Saturday morning to myself to do whatever I please.  And I will probably please to go to the LYS!  LOL – as if I need more yarn!

I have been pretty good about working on my Hey, Teach! cardigan, and am now plugging away at the upper part of the back, needing just about 2 more inches of lace until I start the back-neck decreases. It looks really pretty, but that line of twisted stitches in the lower (stockinette) portion of the back is becoming a wee bit more obvious than I had thought it would be. I’m depending on the presumption that this will sort of shrink itself back into a less-visible state when I wash the completed item. ::crosses fingers hopefully:: Other than that, however, I think it’s looking really nice. I don’t have a picture of it, though – I’m really very bad about remembering to take pics of my WIPs. Yarn acquisitions – yes; FOs – yes. Stuff I’m working on – not so great about that!

I went to Books-A-Million for my bi-weekly knit-in with a couple of friends on Wednesday. Of course, Roadchick was there, which always makes it fun. Since my cardigan is lacy, and I was in the midst of the armhole decreases, I made a last-second decision that it would be inadvisable to work on that while chatting it up at the bookstore. So, I grabbed a skein of Manos dell Uraguay Cotton Stria yarn and appropriate-size needles, and thought I would start a facecloth with it. Now, I’m not much of a dishcloth/facecloth knitter normally (had my fill of that and pot-holders as a very young crocheter back in the Dark Ages of the 1970’s), but I thought that would be a more interesting way to get to know the yarn than just knitting a swatch. Unfortunately, in a massive failure to think ahead, I trotted off to the bookstore with yarn, needles, my usual notions bag, my cardigan in progress (just to show it off, of course!)…and completely forgot that this particular yarn is in a hank, not a pre-wound skein or ball. Now, I am a spoiled-rotten brat of a knitter. I have the cheap-o ball winder from, and a lovely swift that my husband hand-crafted from pieces of poplar and pine last spring. So I certainly could have taken the time to wind the yarn before leaving…or I could have just selected a different yarn, not in hank form, to use for this impromptu cast-on choice.  But no…I had to pick the Manos, which really has been calling to me from my stash for quite some time, begging that I use it for something.  (It’s color #222, in case any one is curious, which is called Coral and looks more like a dusty rose pink to me!).  And I should have either wound it or chosen something else.  But I wasn’t thinking, and I didn’t.  So there I stood, in the Joe Muggs cafe area of Books-A-Million, my little hank of cotton yarn draped over the back of a low-back arm chair, hand-winding the yarn into a ball.   Lucky for me, there were very few customers around at that time, or I would imagine that I’d have gotten some very strange looks!  As it was, I dropped the stupid ball a couple of times while winding and/or knitting, and I had a dickens of a time getting the hank untied so I could wind it in the first place! LOL! Needless to say, between that and too much yapping, I didn’t get very far on my facecloth. 😉

And that’s all I have for today – except for this, just for the fun of it, and because this picture has been in my mind lately, as I’m feeling the ages of my kids more than I am my own age this year:

My almost-21 yr old son, when he was just 6 months old

My almost-21-yr-old son, when he was just 6 months!

Isn’t that just the cutest little face you ever saw (except, perhaps, your own kids/grandkids)?  He’s not quite that cute anymore, but he’s still a pretty good-lookin’ kid, or at least I think so.  Then again, my opinion might be just a little prejudiced, don’t you think?  😉


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