Of weekends and WIPs

07 Apr

img_0947I had the nicest weekend, really. I knitted. A lot. I’m currently working on Hey, Teach! from the Summer 2008 issue of Knitty.  Although the pattern calls for K1C2 2nd Time Cotton, I can’t actually pet that yarn anywhere locally (as far as I know), and I dislike buying yarns I’ve not been able to touch. I’m picky that way.

I think I’ve previously mentioned, however, recently getting an amazingly good buy on Plymouth Jeannee Worsted, which is pretty much my favorite cotton-blend yarn, at this point. I’m using that, since I have what I believe will be a sufficient quantity to make this pattern the way I want to. Here’s a progress pic from Saturday, when I had about 7.5″ of the back done.  I am currently on the last first lace repeat of the bodice, to I figure to add at least an inch in length, to match the added inch on the lower bodice.  This, to counter the fact that many who have previously completed this project complained that it was a bit short.  I also found a fellow Raveler who has complete instructions to make a 3/4 sleeve, which I intend to use, since I prefer that length to short or cap.

It’s not a perfect knitting job, but nothing in it, so far, that I can’t live with – a line of twisted stitches, where I frogged for dropped stitch (boy, did I ever need those point protectors I bought Sunday morning!); another line where the gauge was off a bit, same situation.  But that’s all…so far!  😉

This yarn was originally purchased with a February Lady sweater in mind, but I changed my mind after trying just the neckline – easy knit and all that, but I decided it probably wouldn’t a look all that terrific on me, too…blocky, I guess. This babydoll-style sweater seems to have a bit more shape to it, and is probably more suitable for a little negative ease over the chest.  And I liked this pattern the minute I saw it last summer, but though it was perhaps a bit short for my hips (I’m knitting it longer) and perhaps not quite…generous enough over said chest.

Had a lovely dinner at the home of my friend Roadchick Sunday night. Great spaghetti, salad, bread, and a delicious fudge pie that was like chocolate mousse with pie crust. Yum! We were actually there so that my husband could get some guitar-learning/playing tips from Roadchick’s son, Rockboy. That seems to have worked very well, or at least, as well as I intended it to – Rockboy essentially told the husband the same thing I’ve been saying for quite some time – that he’s skipping the step of getting to know chords and scales, learning to memorize the neck of the guitar, stuff like that. So, husband has his work cut out for him, but feels good about it now, because he was told this by someone who (a) is male and (b) doesn’t have his hand out, asking for money. Like most males of the baby boom generation or a little bit after it, husband tends to discount the opinion of any female until it is verified by a male…unless the female in question is his Mom. (tee hee!) More sensibly, he tends to disbelieve or at least disregard that which is said by someone who wishes to stick his or her hand inside our checking account, either for goods or services. (I generally do that, too, so not digging on the husband for this part, just the “have to hear it from a male…or my mommy…” part…grrrrrrrrr!)

The weather here in Middle Tennessee was bee-u-tee-ful this weekend – 70’s and sunny most of the time.  Sadly, we’re paying for our lovely weather now.  Got buckets of rain already this spring, and another half-bucket Sunday night, but we got a little bit on a very, very chilly (wintry) Monday.  After a high near 78F Sunday, it was about 39F in my area on Monday, and it’s all of 45F right now, with the anticipated low temp below freezing for the third consecutive night this evening.  Ugh!  Boy, am I glad that I resisted the urge to buy some pansies, petunias, and other such pretties for my flower boxes and beds this weekend!  Eeek!  Maybe I can fit some planting into this weekend, in between the forecast thunder storms on Friday and Sunday…at least it’s forecasted to warm up some.  🙂

Until next time, my dear few readers, I remain:

Yours Freezingly,



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2 responses to “Of weekends and WIPs

  1. Roadchick

    April 8, 2009 at 11:34 am

    Sunday was a blast!

    Rockboy was asking the other day if Hubby had anything to say . . . I’ll pass it along!

    • marlajap

      April 8, 2009 at 1:37 pm

      Well, you can tell Rockboy that Fred has been a very good boy since Sunday night and practiced those scales for at least 10-15 minutes. Two days does not a trend make, but he’s makingsome progress. 😉


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