I really should be knitting…

29 Mar

but, instead, I’m here blogging, because I like to hear myself talk, virtually-speaking.

Went to the big sale at Bliss Yarns yesterday and walked out with 8 balls of delicious GGH Safari yarn in a soft shade of dusty lavendar, maybe even could be called mauve.  GGH calls it…purple.  LOL!  I’m planning to make the Lacy Leaves Tunic from the new issue of Creative Knitting magazine with this yarn, assuming that I can get gauge.  The pattern calls for Bernat Satin Sport, a basic DK weight (22 st/4″) yarn.  The ball band on the GGH says 20 st/4″, but if that yarn is worsted weight, I’ll eat my US size 4 KP Harmony tips…Yarndex calls it a worsted, too, but notes the stitch gauge as 22 st/4″, which is perfect for the pattern. So we shall see how I do with it, when I get around to starting the geeky thing.

I’m actually just wrapping up a geeky thing (aka swatch) in Plymouth Wildflower DK. I haven’t checked it for stitch count yet, but it’s certainly has a good feel, nice drape, and is as splitty asGlenna C. said in her pattern, Basic Black, which I’m leaning toward making with this yarn – oooh, what a concept – make the pattern in the originally-called-for yarn?! OK, well, there’s a first time for everything, right? LOL!

Oh, and I am such a bad person – I introduced my friend Misha (aka Joe) to the concept of Ravelry last week, he sent off his member request and logged in for the first time today. It’s pretty heady to get to know Ravelry when you first join – it’s like coming out of the desert, all thirsty and dry, and finding out that you’ve walked in to a spring water bottling plant or something. LOL! So, yeah, now I’ve sent him off to the biggest time-suck on the ‘net for fiber-crafters. Methinks that he may not thank me for this in the end.

My neck and shoulder have not stopped hurting all weekend, and the frickin’ pain is back up in my jaw and head again. So, still sucks to be me, right? Well, off to start the dinner cooking. It got chilly again here, all of 46F today, so we’re having a good old New England Boiled Dinner (corned beef, taters, carrots, and cabbage) – yummy!!


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