Kvetch, kvetch, kvetch…no knitting for me today

26 Mar

Begin whine:

I have a tension migraine.  I hate this.  It hurts so much that I can’t knit. Waaaah!

end whine

Other than that, hey, just a little semi-boring news:

More of my colleagues were laid off this week.  Most of them were people that we really couldn’t afford to lose.  And they were good, hard-working people.  So sad.  Liberal or conservative; Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or no affiliation – who ever we are and what ever each of us may personally believe about President Obama’s policies, we should all be hoping for one thing:  a quick and decisive end to this awful recession that is really a depression.  😦

My wonderful 13 year old son, after having attempted to burn the microwave oven down last weekend, provided even greater hilarity yesterday.  He fell asleep on the school bus on the way home, and woke up about a dozen stops too later, necessitating (a) a confession of same to the bus driver, in front of another dozen or so kids and (b) the bus driver to turn around and take him home before taking the rest of those kids to their regular stops.  Wow, was he ever embarrassed!  LOL! Sadly for the child, he has an unsympathetic and mean mother, who just looked at him, laughed at his plight, and then told him that he should try sleeping at night.

My in-laws are still visiting.  This is not a bad thing. 

My husband and I will be celebrating 20 years of wedded bliss…or something like bliss…on April 1st.  While we are both looking forward to that, we haven’t a clue what we will do to commemorate the occasion!  We just did the Grand Ole Opry in February, and it was great, and we’d both love to go again, but the line up this weekend is just “OK”, next weekend isn’t much better, and the best night of all was…tonight…but there were no decent seats left for tonight’s show.  Plus, of course, we do have to work tomorrow, and we both tend to be home-bodies on work nights.

Curly hair wise…well, I have been far too chicken to make another attempt at creating my own flaxseed gel, I decided I didn’t like the Aussie gel I grabbed from my son after all, and I have no Deva AnGell left.  So.  Today, was just AVG (aloe vera gel) mixed with jojoba oil.  Nothing for hold.  How did that work out, you ask?  Well, I’ll tell you:


LOL! Yeah, I’m really fuzzy and puffy today. Bleah. So, even if I didn’t really love it, I’ll be back to that Aussie gel tomorrow, cuz there’s nothing else in the house. If any of you lovely readers (all 2 of you) have a ‘cone-free, ‘xane-free hair gel that is readily available in places like Walgreen’s, CVS, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, or Sephora that you love for tight corkscrew curls that tend to get puffy (commonly known on as type 3C hair), let me know fast, OK? 😀 Cuz I’m still too chicken to try that flaxseed stuff again…especially in front of my in-laws and husband who laugh rather condescendingly at the fact that I actually care

how my hair looks and feels…(grrrrr!)Knitting? Yeah, well, that Tuscany shawl is at the snail’s-pace stage – it’s 322 stitches across and growing. It’s pretty much outgrown my 40″ cable, so I can’t stretch it out to see how wide it is, but it sure seems rather shallow. Note that at approximately 326 stitches, I’m supposed to be done. But I haven’t used up all of the yarn intended for the pattern yet, so I may order a set of each of 47″ and 60″ cables from KP and just keep going once I get them. And that means that I either have to finish my lonely little yarn-over cable sock and start the second one (and I’m not in much of a sock mood at the moment) or maybe cast on something new (yay!)…like that cardigan in Plymouth Jeannee I mentioned the other day…or the one in Plymouth Wildflower. I did just receive the latest issue of Creative Knitting, and there’s some things in there that I might like to make…but nothing jumped off the page and immediately screamed, KNIT ME NOW!!, so maybe not! LOL!

ETA: Had something like 40 views yesterday, which is almost back to normal. It looks like my readership bounce due to Ravelry banning is now officially over – so that means I’m pretty much back to talking to myself in a way that doesn’t make people think I’m insane (which is the real reason that I blog! LOL!)


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One response to “Kvetch, kvetch, kvetch…no knitting for me today

  1. Susan

    March 27, 2009 at 8:33 pm

    I understand tension migraines, the only thing that works for me is a big long 14 hour sleep.


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