Who’d have thought it was that easy?

24 Mar

So, after my two disastrous tries with making my own flaxseed gel at home, I got up this morning, and having just about zero DevaCurl AnGell left, I had to do something else to keep the hair looking good today. I still have a ton of B’Leave-In which (sadly) does have a-cone (amodimethicone) in it, and I’m still using it (for now). But that’s really not for hold, just to encourage curl.

A few weeks ago, before 13 year old son realized that thick, slightly coarse and incredibly wavy-to-curly hair (a coarse 2b-3a, I’d say) doesn’t grow out well on a boy, I bought him some Aussie brand gel that is cone-free. I hadn’t tried it myself before, didn’t have the nerve (or the patience for the bad-hair-day). But I did use it this morning, just about 2 tsp or so, mixed 50/50-ish with AVG (aloe vera gel, pure). The hair looked pretty darned good today. Good clumping, decent definition, but perhaps a bit…more full than I would have liked. Or something. Can’t define it, just looked different. But not bad.  Just different.

On the knitting front, I’m still working on my Tuscany shawl (Amy Singer, “No Sheep for You”), and now that I’m about 13-14 repeats in, it’s very wide, and a LOT of stitches across, so every row seems interminable.  Ugh!  But, only a couple more repeats, and it should be done.  It will be a while before it gets blocked, though, as my in-laws happen to be sleeping on my blocking surface!  LOL!  I’m also swatching for a spring cardigan of some sort in Plymouth Jeannee Worsted in a pretty shade of light pink.  Love that yarn!  LOVE it.  Just can’t seem to pick a pattern…choices, choices.  If anyone has a great suggestion of something free OR something already in my Ravelry library , let me know what you think. I believe that I get about 20 st/4″ in this yarn, and it’s a really soft and fairly drapey cotton blend…I have 12 skeins, which is 1330 yards. I’m open to suggestions, and the winning recommendation might just result in a yarny gift from my stash. 😉   Alternatively, if you have a great recommendation that’s either free or in my library for about 1600 yards of Plymouth Wildflower DK in a true red, let me know that! I haven’t even swatched that yet, though, so who knows what my gauge will be!

ETA:  So if you want to join the fun of helping me choose a cardigan pattern, some tips:  I’m 5’2″ tall, on the heavier side – size 14-16 petite in good quality clothing, or a size larger in the cheap stuff; 44″ bust, and I don’t like things overly snug.  I have a, um, paunchy belly (?) – hey, I’m 50, I had two c-sections, 7 years apart, and I never met an exercise machine I actually liked.  I lean toward clothes with clean lines but I love lacy things too (as long as the lines are clean!  LOL!) – on the other hand, really complicated charts are far beyond my ability to manage.  I like knitting the easy lace – you know, the kind where the WS is all purl, for instance?  Yeah, I’m that knitter – the one with the attention span and knitting-reading ability of the average flea.  😉 But I don’t want to knit up 5 miles of stockinette, either.  LOL!  Good luck!  IF someone suggest the Perfect Cardigan for Marla to Knit, I believe there’s a tiny bit of sock-friendly wool from a good, well-known and very popular company in my stash…in a limited edition colorway.  (No, it’s not WM or Sundara or something like that, much more mainstream, k?  Oh, and to keep it a secret, I’m taking the entry out of my rav stash, too!  LOL!)



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2 responses to “Who’d have thought it was that easy?

  1. Kimberly from SBL

    March 25, 2009 at 12:40 am

    I am partial to the Frontier Blues Jacket. =:8

  2. marlajap

    March 25, 2009 at 7:05 am

    Hm. I took a peek at that one, but I think maybe not something that will look attractive on me. Perhaps I should go edit my post with some info about my appearance and such. Otherwise, how can I expect people to recommend something I will like, right? 😉


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