My yarn stash overfloweth

15 Mar

Once upon a time, there was an innocent little knitting blogger with good intentions. Her intentions were that she would never have more stash of yarn than would fit in her five little plastic file boxes and one little plastic accessories box (about 1/4 the size of a file box) for sock yarns. And then, one day, she realized that…she’d outgrown it. Waaah!

This knitter is me. I have not reached SABLE (Stash acquisition beyond life expectancy), by any means, but I do have far more yarn than I ever intended. I never thought of myself as that acquisitive for crafting purposes. I’ve always been the kind of person who bought what she needed for a certain project, completed the project, and then bought more when it was time for another project. But the yarn stash must kinda grew and grew…and grew…and grew some more. The last week or two really kicked me over the edge – there was this fabulous sale at the Dizzy Sheep, really great price on Plymouth Jeannee, my all-time favorite cotton blend (so far), and I just had to buy a sweater’s worth, didn’t I? Too good a price to pass up, really it was…

Then, while I was waiting for my Jeannee to arrive, I received a package from my spoiler in the Jewish Fiberaholics Winter Doldrums swap on Ravelry. sob! why did I have to thing of Rav?? Oh, right – back to the subject. Anyway, in my package were three balls of Plymouth Wildflower DK yarn in a deliciously cheery shade of red that appears to have been discontinued. Well, three balls wasn’t going to make much, was it? So when I found a Raverly sob! destasher with 10 balls of the same colorway and dyelot, I had to see if I could strike a bargain, didn’t I? So now I have two sweaters’ worth of yarn, plus a huge bunch of lonely-onlies, pairs, trios, etc., sufficient sock yarn for several pairs, and a crap-load of the world’s greatest cheap-basic yarn (IMO), Caron Simply Soft – I actually have two sweaters’ worth of that, enough for a sweater for me and one for the husband, too. PLUS miscellaneous left-overs from other projects…

It outgrew the boxes. I swore I wouldn’t buy anymore yarn once those boxes were full. Apparently, I lied. I swore I wasn’t addicted to buying yarn. Apparently, I was wrong.

Is there a rehab for yarn addicts?

p.s. – of course, I bought bigger containers this weekend, and re-organized all of the yarny goodness into two of those big three-drawer plastic units you can buy at Wally World or Target. It looks a lot neater now, and there’s a lot of room to grow. That’s not a bad thing, is it? 😛


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