Plenty of purple passion and a little less pay

23 Feb

Not too much new in my little world right now, just plenty of knitting, running around the Nashville area to tooooo many guitar shops, and some lovely economic stressors.  On the plus side, we received our tax refund in a nice, timely fashion on the day after my birthday.  On the minus side, my employer announced a company-wide cut in base pay last week, in response to expected but disappointing financials.  So, since the company’s financials are suffering in the recession, so must mine.  Ugh. 


I’ve been plugging away fairly steadily at my Tuscany shawl and it’s looking really nice.  I’m not much for progress pics, but I might actually have to try some.  As previously noted, it’s being knitted in Ella Rae Silkience in a pretty shade of purple, almost a mauve, really.  I’m also knitting very slowly on my deep grape-y purple bamboo-soy socks in Crystal Palace Panda Soy.  The color, called Grape Soda, looks just like it sounds.  It’s delish.  And I’m having a much better time knitting that yarn with the Knit Picks Harmony dpns than I did with the Knit Picks Options dpns.  Not sure why that is, except maybe that it’s a bit less slick and pointy. 


Oy.  Husband and 13 year old are attempting to play their new guitars at the moment.  After weeks and weeks and weeks of wrangling around (and a failed amplifier purchase, a failed guitar purchase and a successful amplifier purchase), I think husband has finally found the Guitar of His Dreams…for now.  It’s a Paul Reed Smith SE Custom 24 in a pretty color called Whale Blue (lol!).  Unfortunately, when we were at Guitar Center to allow husband time to pet and play with a different guitar that he thought was the one of his dreams,  13 year old son fell in love with an Epiphone SG Special II in cherry.  You guessed it.  There was a small sale, so both wound up coming home with us.  Oy.  So much for my yarny dreams for a while – at least until I can craigslist some of the less-loved musical instruments/gear that husband has collected in the last 18 months.  And that would annoy me a whole lot less if either one of them actually knew how to play!

But they don’t, really. So I listen to a lot of parts of songs, with never an entire one being played. And when they are both practicing at once, sometimes I get treated to parts of two different songs at once! LOL! I love them both, and I’m glad that they have a shared interest and all that, but WHY couldn’t they have chosen a more quiet hobby??


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