Purple Yarn and Golden Knitters

12 Feb

So.  I’ve had a birthday.  I’m no longer in my 40’s.  Not incredibly upset about that, either.  And I expected that I would be.  I mean, after all, a 50th wedding anniversary is golden, right?  So shouldn’t my 50th birthday mean that I’ve entered my so-called “golden” years?  More on that later.  Actually, more on everything later – must go knit and watch the telly.  🙂 


Taking a little break during the commercial to say that I’m in the midst of knitting the Tuscany shawl by Amy Singer of knitty fame. I chose Ella Rae Silkience in a lovely shade of dusty purple for the shawl, because I didn’t want to spend $120+ on Handmaiden Fine Yarns Silken, which is the yarn for which the pattern originally called. Sigh…I’m just way to cheap for my own good, I guess (LOL!).  I’m about 4 pattern repeats in, and it looks great – not as light and airy as it should, probably, but it will be beautiful and actually provide some sort of warmth when it’s done.  Plus it may block out better.  I love this yarn – it knits up so smoothly, and it’s not particularly splitty (which is usually a huge problem with anything cotton and/or bamboo), plus it has a beautiful shine to it, and great drape.  I don’t even particularly like swatching, but I do confess that my test swatch for gauge took up the majority of an entire ball of yarn, just because it was so very pleasant to knit!


I finally jumped on the facebook wagon train this week – what an incredible time suck that thing is!  Within three minutes of signing on, I already had 2 friends, a gift and an IM.  Oy!  It’s been less than a week now, and I think I’m up to about 30 friends and could spend the entire day sending silly hugs, drinks, Valentines, candles, and playing the Mafia game, if I (a) wanted to and (b) had the time do it!  Eeek!  You can get totally lost in facebook.  Beware!


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