Sometimes I’m such a knit-wit

31 Jan

Yes, I was trying to be funny. Didn’t really work. I think I’m running out of witty ways to title my posts. Rather sad, considering I don’t blog that often, and haven’t been doing it very long. So my dear friend Roadchick has nominated my blog for some award thingie, but I still don’t understand it, because I’m feeling very dense this week. Actually, what I’m feeling is not quite tip-top, sort of on-the-verge of a something-or-other (cold? sinus trouble? who knows!) and really, really tired today. I was up until TWO THIRTY this morning, removing a stupid trojan from the oldest ‘puter in the house.

The back story: It was one of those trojans that tries to tell you that your computer has a horrible, data-eating virus, and that you must buy new software immediately to fix it! Oy. My younger son had allowed a similar one to infect the computer-in-the-living-room (the one where he’s allowed to play online video games, because we can watch him). My husband had allowed a similar one to infect the computer he usually plays with, which is in our bedroom. But we have an old boat-anchor computer that resides in the spare bedroom, now that friends are not in it, it’s redecorated and de-stenched, and in-laws are also gone for the moment. So husband has put his guitar and amp in there, and usually surfs for You-Tube lessons or guitar tabs in there, practices, etc. And he managed to get a different trojan on that computer than had occurred on the other two, and I did not at first realize that it was, indeed, a trojan. And that McAfee wouldn’t be able to remove it. Nor was Spybot able to get it. So, third time lucky, I found shareware that *would* remove it, but the scan to do so took another 1.5-2 hours. …snore… Oh, sorry, I dozed off. (LOL!) So, yeah, it was a loooooong night. And the culprit who allowed the stupid trojan onto the computer? Yeah, he went to bed at about midnight or so. Sigh…

Knitting. Um. Yeah. Well, as I posted earlier this month, I finally finished my Clapotis. I’ve also knitted up some blankie squares for a Ravelry friend who just had a double mastectomy on Thursday (and was home by Friday afternoon – you go, Vandy! WOW!). And I finally finished test-knitting the Kimono Mitts pattern for my friend, Terri (another Rav acquaintance.  The pattern is really cute, and a quick, easy knit if you actually pay attention to what you’re doing (which I didn’t, long story, took me a longer time to complete than it should have, and included one version of the right mitt that looked more like an octopus than a kimono!).  Well worth the time and yarn to complete.  Mine were done in Blue Sky Alpaca Silk, one of my absolute favorite yarns.  They are warm and toasty.  And they itch.  More on that later.  😦

my Kimono Mitts - not my best knitting!

my Kimono Mitts - not my best knitting!

If you knit, and you like pretty stitch markers and nice mitt patterns, then you really have to visit Terri’s etsy shop (linked above). Her husband designs the most creative and functional stitch markers I’ve ever seen – there is just nothing on them that could snag in the knitting. Too cool. Terri also dyes yarn, and hopes to have some up in the shop soon (really pretty yarn).  (shameless plug for my friend’s great work!)


I also improvised a pair of mitts in the last month or two, using DROPS Alpaca.  These are based on the lace stitch in Hatsuyo’s Lacy Socks, from the Knitting Zone Sole Solution 2003-2004 (sock challenge).  I’ve knitted those socks twice now, and love this low-complexity, high-results lace pattern.  So I borrowed it for my mitts. 


Improvised Lacy Mitts

Improvised Lacy Mitts


The thumbs are a little funky, as I did the increases for them over too few rows, so they really stick out.  And, in true pure alpaca fashion, they s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d a lot.  If I were to try this again, I’d do a better job on the increases, and I’d probably use a smaller needle (I used US 2.5’s or US 3’s, I believe).


At the moment, I’m giving Panda Soy a second shot at being my new favorite sock yarn.  I really love the softness, the shine, the fine weight, and the rich colors of this yarn.  I completely hate how splitty it is.  Seen here in what will eventually be my first toe-up socks, done using Charlene Schurch’s Yarn-Over Cable sock pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks, one of my lovely Christmas presents from the husband. 

bad picture of sock in progress

bad picture of sock in progress


And, as if I don’t already have enough yarn (believe me, I do), I went out today and got some more.  Why?  Because, in the midst of all of this other stuff that’s going on (and this does not even cover the mild craziness that is my life at work!), I have been swatching my little fingers off this last week or so, trying to find something in my stash that proved it wanted to become the Tuscany shawl (Amy Singer, No Sheep for You).  I tried several cottons, some alpaca (a sacrilege, in my opinion, to make something from No Sheep in an animal fiber, but hey, I was running out of options in my stash!), and even some Spa.  The Spa Geeky Thing actually knitted up to gauge, and I loved the feel and drape of it, but I realized that it wasn’t going to block, since it’s mostly microfiber.  Lace must be blocked.  So, back into the stash went the Spa and all the other things I tried.  And off to Bliss Yarns I went, in search of appropriate yarn for Tuscany. Nada. No luck. Anything I sort of liked was not available in sufficient quantity in a color I also preferred. So off to Haus of Yarn I went. SUCCESS! After browsing endlessly (while my ever-patient husband and not-so-patient son awaited my return to the car), I purchased eight delicious skeins of Ella Rae Silkience, with which I immediately fell in love. If it doesn’t prove to be right for Tuscany, I will just buy more of this colorway (because they had a bunch left!) and make a sweater. And if it does, then I suspect I will buy more anyway, just a different colorway, to make a sweater. It’s delish. LOVE!

my future Tuscany, just waiting for me to love it as a Geeky Thing

my future Tuscany, just waiting for me to love it as a Geeky Thing

And finally, today signifies the last full month of my 40’s.  In just 12 days, I will be 50 years old.  And I’m not horribly depressed about it.  Surprised, yes.  Upset, no.  It’s more like, “How the hell did I get to be 50!??” than “Oh, no!  I’m 50!!”.  And maybe that’s because I have the somewhat unusual “luck” to still be mothering a 13 year old at this grand old age.  Or not.  Maybe it’s just they way it was meant to be.  The “zero” years never bothered my mother, but, oh, those “5’s” were awful.  We shall see – 45 didn’t really bother me much, but I really hated 40!  🙂

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