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Finished fabulous fingerless mitts!

I haven’t taken a pic of them yet, as I think I need to block them a little bit (and need desperately to have my nails done!), but I finished those devilish little fingerless mitts that had beaten me to a pulp earlier this week. Yay! They are yummy-soft and nicely warm, but really pretty, too. Once I wove in all the ends and such, I finally cast on for the fingerless mitts I’m testing for a rav friend. I have a couple of rows of twisted rib to finish, and then I start the real pattern stuff. 😀

And here’s another one of those silly quizzes and my results. Gee, red is one of my favorite colors, too, but I don’t thing the text is all that accurate about me. Then again, maybe I just like to think I’m different than that:

Your rainbow is shaded red.


What is says about you: You are a passionate person. You appreciate energetic people. You get bored easily and want friends who will keep up with you.

Find the colors of your rainbow at


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Bone-headed bungle bites this bimbo in the butt (accidental frogging)…

I made the most bone-headed bungle of my entire knitting (or crocheting!) life this weekend.

I’ve been working on fingerless mitts I’m improvising from DROPS Alpaca that I picked up on close-out sale. It’s a soft blue that is the perfect color to go with my winter jacket (ski style). I completed one, even managed to improvise a thumb for it (rather than my usual gaping hole where a thumb ought to be), and it was absolutely beautiful. Lacy, but not so much that it sacrificed warmth. I made a 2nd one. Sadly, it didn’t match the first one, despite my best efforts. It was, perhaps, a row or two too long in the hand area, and a lace repeat to long on the thumb. And I only discovered this problem after I had woven in all of the ends. Growl! But that’s not the bone-headed part.

I decided that I liked the longer mitt/longer thumb, and so would frog the thumb on the first mitt and make it longer, and then maybe also add another row or two of ribbing at the top of it. I started with ripping the thumb, and frogged way too far. I did not figure out why the yarn wouldn’t come “un-done” all the way until I had half-way frogged out the increases that are in the middle of rounds in the middle of the length of the mitt. Oy vey! My only excuse was that I was pretty ticked off at almost my entire family at the time, hence, rather distracted. Don’t ask, not airing that dirty laundry here. Anyway I made what can only be called A Huge Mess of my perfectly lovely mitt. So, now I had to frog the whole thing.

I sat down to do that this evening, after a rather fraught day (again, don’t ask, same crap as above, different day). The husband, younger son and in-laws were all in the living room watching Jeff Dunham‘s Christmas special on DVD (just bought it today). And I was paying not enough attention to my frogging, due to a mixture of entertaining snippets in the Dunham special and my own inertia from my fraught weekend. So, I snipped the ending of the yarn out, and attempted to frog the mitt. Only, about 1.5″ in to frogging, I suddenly realized that I was frogging the wrong damned mitt! That’s right. I frogged the GOOD mitt. I can’t believe I did this. I saved the yarn, of course, it’s wound up, using my ball winder and ready to be re-knitted. I managed to rescue my stitches (plus a few extra, as I must have ripped down to a lace row, not a knit row), but it’s going to be a bit messy to get this back on track. 😦

Once I saw my error, got over the impulse to beat my head against the wall, and sat down to frog the correct mitt, things still did not go all that smoothly. I broke the yarn in one spot, trying to untangle it from itself. Managed to spit-splice that back together, but the yarn became hopelessly tangled once I started ripping around the part where I had screwed up ripping out the thumb. You would think that these long strands of floating yarn (ripped from the middle of a round, as noted above) would make the act of frogging easier. Not so. Huge knotty mess.

I give up. Obviously time to find something else to knit. But they were so pretty! Well, maybe tomorrow will bring my brain back into my head and I’ll be able to (a) finish frogging and (b) start over. 😦

On the “up side” (maybe), we did finish holiday shopping for 20 year old son this weekend, I got a little start on husband, and we thought we had finished the 13 year old son, but, as it turns out, the big/main gift we got him is something he’s decided he doesn’t really want. So back to the store it went to day. Unfortunately, I can’t really afford the thing he *does* want. So not sure where I’ll go with that. I think husband may finally have gotten my less-than-subtle hints about shopping on-line at Knit Picks (knitting books are generally a dead-on bargain from KP, and Harmony are my personal preference in DPNs…) and placed an order tonight. Or not. Hard to tell with him. I guess I’ll find out for sure when I open my gifts. Of course, husband knows that I know his password and username on KP’s website, since I set the account up for him in order to arrange an order for my birthday earlier this year. And I’m not particularly patient, so it’s going to take a lot of willpower for me to resist logging in to his account. 🙂


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Silly web quizzes

I don’t usually do these (well, ok, sometimes I do…), but I followed this link, and behold, the results are actually pretty accurate for me…or so I like to think…

Your Colors Say You Are Caring

When you are at peace, you are:

Energized and innovative

When you are moved to act, you are:

Giving and warm

When you are inspired, you are:

Creative and productive

When your life is perfectly balanced, you are:

Totally in the moment

Your life’s purpose is:

To find contentment


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MWIR (my week in review) – perils and purls

And the sadness at work just went on and on this week.  A woman with a great deal more seniority than I, and more experience in my field, as well, called me this week to inquire as to whether I had any openings on my program or knew of any job openings.  She’s a really great person, and completely excellent at her job, so it’s quite disappointing.  A very key resource for one of the initiatives in my program was also laid off, leaving the initiative short handed and a bit confused in trying to pick up where she left off.  It was really hard to keep my focus on work this week.  😦

On the knitting front, I finished a worsted-weight slipper sock made in Berocco Comfort in a pretty cherry red.  Sadly, the kitchener in the toe looks crappy, the woven-in end came out and is toooooo short to weave back in, too, so I don’t know what I’ll do there.  I think it just winds up to be a waste of a perfectly lovely $6.50 ball of yarn.  😦  So, with my attention span lacking, my Clapotis long past the stage of being “portable”, and no socks I care to be knitting (because my worsted one looks bad, coming undone; my fingering one in Kollage Luscious doesn’t feel all that luscious), and a pair of fingerless mitts hibernating OTN for the better part of this year, I was at a loss what to knit.  I’m supposed to be starting to test-knit a pair of fingerless mitts for a Ravelry friend sometime soon (I have the information, just need to print it out), but I didn’t feel like working on something where I had to follow a written pattern…plus, I have no printer attached to this laptop, which is actually my work computer and so hyper-secure that it doesn’t talk to anything else on my home net, so I had no way to print it out.  (due to the lack of unoccupied time on the home-owned computers here!  LOL!)

So, what did I do?  Did I get stubborn and knit on my Clapotis anyway?  No.  Did I pick up those darned fingerless mitts being made with the Blue Sky Alpaca Silk that was my very first LYS purchase last winter?  No.  And I didn’t work on that not-so-Luscious sock, nor did I cast on with the nice new medium teal BS Alpaca Silk I purchased a couple of weeks ago to use for the test knit.  I grabbed a nice fresh $2.12 ball of DROPS Alpaca and cast on to un-vent some fingerless mitts of my own.  Except I’m absolutely clueless on how to create the thumb…so I think maybe I’d better test-knit my friend’s pattern before I go any further on my unvention, since her pattern will be the first one I’ve done with a thumb on it!  It’s either that or I do a good web search on “afterthought thumb” or something.  The things I get myself into…Oh, well, being a semi-fearless knitter is far more fun than “sticking to what I know” all the time.  If I did that, I would never learn anything new at all!

Got a wee bit of holiday shopping done today, a couple of things for each son.  I know my older son went shopping this past Tuesday and took care of his father and brother, so that’s a good start for him.  I don’t have anything for the husband yet, and I don’t think he or my sons have purchased anything for me yet.  And none of us have purchased for hubby’s parents yet.  My MIL seems rather enamored of my new big tote bag/purse from retrogradesonnet’s Thirty-One site, so I might get her one like it or at least similar. These bags can be a bit pricey, but they are oh-so-worth it – really well-made, big, nice design, and free personalization (either a hang-tag letter or embroidery – I had my first and last initials put on mine). If you’ve never seen Thirty-One’s stuff, please check it out at the link above, which is to retro’s “store” on their site. If you don’t already know of retro, she’s a Raveler, the founder of the Karma Yarn Swap forum, and also a really nice person. My FIL is always a bit of challenge to shop for, as his hobbies all involve power tools, and he has pretty much anything he could want at home in Wisconsin, plus they have limited storage space in the winters, since they are bumming around the Southeast in their motorhome from Thanksgiving to around April 1st. We shall see what husband says on the bag idea, not to mention what he thinks we should get his Dad. FIL is a big Westerns buff – likes the old TV and movie westerns a lot, so maybe some more DVDs might work – we’ve done that before, though, and it gets tiresome getting the same thing from people year after year, doesn’t it?

That’s it for now. Happy shopping, all! 🙂


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Nothing to see here…

No real news today, other than that “no news is good news”.  As I may have mentioned before, my company was merged with a much larger company earlier this year, and the fall-out of that merger (thousands of lay-offs) has begun.  It’s so sad to see people who have been with the formerly independent company for 20+ years forced to leave.  I hate that.  I know that it’s standard operating procedure in today’s world, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.  One of my peers was let go yesterday, another one was let go in late October.  And worse yet, my manager was laid off yesterday, too.  *sigh*


For the moment, I seem to be among those left behind.  Don’t know how long it will last, but I’m very grateful not to be among those scrambling for either a new internal or a new external position in the next 60 days!  Could the timing be any worse?  Really?  Who the heck hires in December in the U.S.??


That’s all for now.  Knitting lately has been a series of exercises in a little bit here or there and a study in frogging and tinking.  It’s not that I’ve lost my mojo again, it’s just that I have the attention span of a flea right now.  Probably mostly work-related stress and the holidays creeping up and such. 


Hope all U.S. readers had a great Thanksgiving.  Here’s best wishes for a glorious winter holiday (whatever your holiday may be – Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, just New Year’s, whatever!


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