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Little bits of everything, except FOs

Well.  It has, again, been a while.  Just don’t have much to say lately, probably because I’m not finishing anything knitted.  😦  So, I’ll just check in with a few quick comments.

  • My Clapotis is coming along and may some day be finished.
  • I can’t seem to get through a whole sock lately.  It’s not SSS (2nd sock syndrome) – it’s truly FSS (1st sock stupidity).  I’m just picking bad patterns or making bad ones up as I go along, or bad match of pattern/yarn/needle.  Or something.  I have one OTN now in Kollage Luscious (cotton/elastic), but it’s a bit unstretchy and sort of…hard.  Since the yarn felt yummy soft when I knitted it upon sz 2.5 needles, I’m guessing that sz 1 was too far a dip down.  😦
  • Christmas knitting is not happening.  I give up.  I am a selfish knitter, and will knit what I feel like knitting when I feel like knitting it.  Tee hee! 
  • My in-laws have arrived for their annual visit, and we did manage to get the 4th bedroom (spare room) mostly done in time for their arrival. 
  • It’s painted, the new floor is installed, and the curtains are back up.  Fred built a big platform for the air mattress the in-laws sleep upon when they visit, so it sort of looks like a real guest room (not really).  But at least a 68 yr old and a 70 yr old aren’t sleeping on the floor anymore!!  On the down-side, there’s no baseboards in the room yet (need to be re-installed, including a large portion that had to be replaced. )
  • The upstairs hall is a different story.  Painted, yes.  But no floor yet.  The wood trim for the new pony wall (beautifully stained oak, looking very antique) is not yet installed.  Husband worked with father-in-law to put up the chair rail this weekend.  Woot!
  • I organized my stash last weekend and realized just how much (and how little) I really have.  LOL!  For me, it’s a lot, something like 19,000 yards of yarn!  Compared to other people’s stashes, I’m a piker, I have nothing – my stash was in five little plastic file folder boxes, and two boxes that are each 1/4th the size of the file box (one for sock yarn, one for scraps).  It’s nothing, but I’m pretty fond of it anyway.
  • This stash organization involved pulling out every single ball/skein/hank of yarn, and categorizing it as either Worsted and Heavier or DK and Lighter (not including sock yarn), and then placing it in a box with similar-size buddies.  So, now I have 3 boxes of worsted and plus, 1 box of DK and minus.  Yes, in doing this, I managed to consolidate the yarn into 4 boxes, instead of 5.  I am, indeed, a stash piker.  Still, that so-called “small” amount of yarn is a bit embarrassing to me, as I haven’t a clue what I will do with most of it.
  • My Thanksgiving week resolution (New Year’s never works for me) is to only purchase or otherwise acquire yarn for which I have a specific project (pattern) in mind and only if it is a sufficient quantity to complete that project.  (i.e., no more lonely-only skeins of yarn from Karma Yarn Swap on Ravelry unless it’s enough to make something in particular that I already have in queue or in favorites, or can find a pattern on Rav for before claiming.)   🙂
  • I’m on vacation this week, which should be nice and quiet, as I have no real plan, just going to hang out, knit, maybe go to the LYS, get my nails done, stuff like that. 

That’s about all I have.  Told you, not much new.  😦 

ETA:  I do have one rhetorical question, though…how could Casey take Ravelry down for maintenance today?  Doesn’t he know I’m on vacation and need to play there?  Yeesh…(kidding, of course, but it does seem a bit like Murphy’s Law – I have time to play on Ravelry on a Monday morning, so Ravelry has no time to play with me!  LOL!


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Knitting (and working) my way through it – Decision ’08 Presidential Results

Track the Presidential election with me!


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It’s been a dog’s age since I blogged again. Not much to say, really. I finished hubby’s turtlenecked dickey last week and got back to working on my Clapotis and those socks for the MIL. The socks have been frogged multiple times. I’ve decided that I probably don’t like the yarn all that much – yummy colorway, but Crystal Palace Panda Soy is just too splitty for words! Still, the sock is coming along reasonably well and I can certainly forsee getting them done before Christmas. Maybe not much else, but the socks, at least. LOL!

My house decorating/remodeling project is still not finished. The oak is strained and ready, the hall and staircase are painted. Need to mount the oak, stain or paint the chair rail pieces, lay the floor, paint the new baseboards, and install flooring all over the place. AND, it all needs to be done before my in-laws arrive for their winter visit, which could be as early as the week of Thanksgiving! Yikes!

I’ve swapped away much of the yarn I couldn’t figure out what to do with, but still have a ton of Adriafil Cuba and some Paton’s Berber Cotton, plus quite a bit of Vanna’s Choice that I’d like to get rid of. More swaps soon, I guess. But I’ve acquired some interesting yarns, including the Plymouth Royal Bamboo I used for the bamboo scarf I blogged about a while ago, and some Rowan Cotton Glace, Jaeger Siena, Knit Picks Shine Worsted, WEBS’ Valley Yarns Goshen. I have also been the grateful recipient of a few Random Acts of Kindness (RAKs) through the Karma Yarn Swap, including some Classic Elite Pima Tencel, two precious balls of Phildar Phil Soie, and a big, big cone of Astro Dyeworks Cotton Rayon in a very mixed up colorway of purple, teal and several other colors. I think that one will eventually become a wrap/shawl/stole of some sort, but it’s kind of a slubby yarn, so maybe not conducive to a lacy pattern. Will have to swatch it and see, I guess. 😀

It’s Election Day here in the U.S., and a very historic one, too. If the process worked at all, should be putting a ticker for the Presidential election here on my blog. We shall see.

I actually voted on October 25th, as Tennessee is an early voting state. So no long lines or risk of not being able to vote for me this year. I rather like that, but it does make Election Day seem a little anti-climactic from a personal perspective. No clue who will win, really, bigger surprises than McCain coming from behind to take it all have happened in our political past. I was incredibly sad, however, to hear that Obama’s grandmother, who helped to raise him, had passed away yesterday – it is a shame that she wasn’t able to live to see whether this nation will make history today by electing our first African-American President, or make history by electing our oldest first-term President and first female Vice President. I’m not going to go all political here and get speech-y, but I will say that I’m not impressed by Sarah Palin, and I think that what she and John McCain like to call being “maverick” is just hogwash in recent years. McCain may have been able to claim “maverick” status several years ago, but during these last 4 years, he’s been almost the sole voice in the Senate that was clinging desperately the Bush Administration’s position on just about everything. 😦

Whatever happens today, tomorrow begins a new and historic era in American politics and government. American readers, have you voted today? If you have not, and did not vote early or absentee, *please*, brave the lines and get yourself to your polling place to cast your vote! He or she who does not vote leaves the decision to others. I don’t want to make your decisions for you. He or she who doesn’t participate in the process doesn’t get to complain (or brag) about the results, either. 😀


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