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knitting up some neglect (of the blog)

Wow!  It’s been almost a month since I blogged??  How did that happen?  OK, it’s not been a terribly eventful month.  Or maybe it has.  I don’t know.  I’ve been knitting a lot, I’ll say that.  I have about 1/2 of my Clapotis done, here’s a close up of it in-progress.  It’s such an easy pattern.  Not completely mindless, but easy enough to do in the car or at sit & knit, or while watching the boob tube.  I like how it looks so far, too.


I also started a pair of socks in Panda Soy for a Christmas gift, but those are sleeping at the moment, as is the Clapotis, while I work on an improvised turtlenecked dickey for the husband to wear while riding his motorcycle to and from work.  It’s going to get chilly in the mornings soon, so he’s going to need this, and I’m really pushing to get it done.  Not using anything fancy, just Caron Simply Soft in black.  Doing that because (a) my husband likes it for the softness; and (b) because I like the washability.  Since husband is a mechanic, everything that’s associated with work becomes filthy.  It wouldn’t make any sense to use something fancier or more expensive.  Since I’m improvising the pattern based on an improved version of one that husband has had since high school, I may write it up as a free pattern at some point.  🙂  I had started this in Lion Wool-Ease, but after a row or two, realized that my sensitivity from the wool allergy has gotten so bad that I couldn’t use that yarn, even though there’s not a lot of wool in it.  SO sad, especially since I had just arranged to get some Cascade Sierra and some Knit Picks Main Line from a Ravelry de-stasher.  Those all went bye-bye last weekend in a massive KYS binge, traded them all away.  🙂


Let’s see.  What else is new?  Well, my older son quit his job, went back to it, asked for a promotion, and cut off a FOOT of hair in order to help him get it.  He also got another raise this week.  So he’s pretty happy about that.  I’m happy with the haircut, of course, but it’s a little strange, because his hair hasn’t been that short since he was in 7th grade!!  It just brushes his shoulders now, and he got the haircut for free, because he donated that 12″ of lovely dark brown hair to Locks of Love.  Since my own mother died in 2000 due to complications from ovarian cancer, this is a subject near and dear to my heart.  No, she wasn’t a child, but cancer is cancer, no matter one’s age.


My younger son is in 7th grade now, and thankfully, seems to have recovered his equillibrium and is doing very well in all of his classes.  Reports cards for the first marking period are due out this week or next, and I expect that he’ll be getting three A’s, and two B’s.  Very nice.  He’s doing really well in math, which is very exciting, since he did so poorly last year after being “promoted” to the advanced class.  His teacher wasn’t very approachable, and the pace was very quick and stressful for him, so he lost a lot of confidence.  Suddenly, math is easy again.  Yay!


Work is…work.  Since my drive-by promotion in July, I’m now a program manager, and own a $3M expense budget and a $7.5M obligation for ROI for this year alone.  Next year bodes to be about the same.  Eeek!  I’m still sort of settling in to the job, and I’m not sure I love it yet, but I don’t totally hate it, either.  But it’s a job, and that’s important in this economy – even if I did hate it, I’d stick it out, because it’s pretty damned ugly out there in the job market these days.  Husband’s company seems to be doing OK, which is also a blessing.


Meanwhile, we’ve been planning and plotting some clean-up maintenance and decorating on the 2nd floor of our house.  For a variety of reasons that I won’t go into on a very public blog, the carpeting in my bonus room/4th bedroom was absolutely trashed, far beyond the point where even a professional cleaning would have done a damned bit of good.  It was ugly, it was filthy, and it smelled.  Through the blessing of a nice cash bonus from my employer, we bought some very inexpensive/low-budget laminate flooring and pulled that carpet up and got rid of it.  We pulled it up in the upstairs hall, too, leaving only our master bedroom and my older son’s room still carpeted.  Woo!  At any rate, when we pulled up the carpet in the spare room, we discovered that the problems has seeped through the padding into the subfloor.  Just about ruined the door to the room, as well, but we managed to grind that damage away with one of husband’s large collection of power tools.   We had to replace about 1/3 of the baseboards in that room, as well.  Grrrr….


So today has been all about painting trim and walls before we put down the new flooring.  I will say that the room smelled much less disgusting one day after we got the carpeting out of there.  Yay!  And it looks fabulous color-wise with a nice fresh coat of Valspar Ultra-Premium in Homestead Resort Accent Gold, which is a really pretty mustardy-goldeny yellow.  Since I got 2 gallons of that last year from the mistake paint bin ($5 ea), it was a total bargain solution, too!  And the $10 sale curtains in a rusty shade of red that I bought for the room last fall are going to look fabulous in there, as well.  Too bad I don’t have any nice furniture for the room!  LOL!  (just old metal office furniture, a weight bench, and a treadmill!)  Still need to do a 2nd coat on the trim in the hall and the spare room, then paint the walls in the hall, and stain the new chair rail trim and the oak trim for the pony wall we built to replace the railing in the upstairs hall (tired of kitty divebombing us through the rails!).  And then we will, for this go-round, be done.  But we’ll be re-painting the downstairs in the spring (just to refresh, as I still love my colors), and probably doing our master bedroom, too (in a dusty plum and silvery gray – so pretty together!).  Older son says we can’t TOUCH his room.  Someday he’ll move out and then that room will be mine, all MINE, my very own crafting haven.  Of course, by that time, I’ll be 90 and too old to care!  Hee hee hee…


I think that’s all for now.  Back to painting and knitting, knitting and painting.


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