Knitting mojo re-discovered!! Yay!

29 Aug

Well. It’s no big deal for anyone who has long experience in knitting, but I’m pretty pleased with this. I wanted to make a neckwarmer to match the Foliage hat. I liked the style of Robin Dodge’s The Fidget, but I didn’t really care for the stitch pattern…and I did (finally) get friendly with the leaf lace pattern in the hat. So, I used that, a 2-stitch garter selvedge and a 4 row garter border to make…ta da!! This:

My (heavily modified) Fidget

My (heavily modified) Fidget

I LIKE it, I really, really LIKE it.  Except for the part where it makes me itch.  LOL!  But it came out sooo pretty.  Fred (husband) picked the bottons, which you can’t really see in this picture, but they are a pewter look with a pretty little flower motif on them.  The best part was that, once I posted it to the Ravelympics finish line, a couple of people asked me for the “pattern”.  Now, I had to honestly admit that all I really did was combine two patterns that I liked to create something different, but I posted the information on what I did on the project page.  No way I’m taking credit for a “design” at this point, but it was sort of exciting that someone wanted to make something that I had brainstormed.  🙂
After that was finished, with several days of Olympics left, I went back to my socks.  And had a couple of bumps, but nothing terribly serious until I realized that (a) I was running out of yarn (bad) and (b) I had knitted about an inch too much leg (even worse).  So I frogged.  Now I don’t much care for frogging unless I’m doing the full frog, all the way back to the start.  I don’t think most yarn crafter care for frogging, but that’s beside the point.  One thing I really, truly hate is frogging a SOCK.  It’s round, it’s tiny, tiny stitches, and (in this case) it’s lace, and picking up yarn-overs is a bit of a pain.  But it got done.  Now I have about 2/3 of the foot done (and this is sock #2) and I still think I may run out of yarn.  Or not.  Just have to wait and see.  But that’s half the fun of knitting, the adventure – will I have enough yarn?  Will this look good when I’m done?  Can I actually do this stitch pattern without ripping the hair off my head?  And so on. 
On Karma Yarn Swap, I did arrange some cool swaps lately.  I swapped some of my charity-friendly yarns, like Fun Fur and Comfort and such for a cone of around 500 yards fingering weight jewel tone green silk that’s coming from Canada (so will arrive one of these days! LOL!) and also swapped some Patons RIo for some merino/silk Knitpicks Gloss sock yarn (WHAT?? Am I nuts??).  Yes, I know I’m allergic to wool.  But I thought I would try it, since the more rough and/or shedding a wool is, the worse it makes me itch, and the merino/silk doesn’t shed/isn’t rough.  Besides, alpaca alone makes me itch, but alpaca/silk does not.  So it was worth a try.  And it’s really pretty, I love it.  My hands don’t seem to itch from it, but my neck!  Owwww.  That’s a bit itchy there.  Younger Son thought it was REALLY itchy.  Weird.  Then again, Jake thinks slubby cottons are itchy, so who knows with that child? 
Speaking of Jake – he will be 13 on September 5, which is absolutely frightening.  Less so than the idea that I will be (eeek!) FIFTY in February, a concept that has largely begun to terrify me, since the company for which I work was bought out by another company that has a rather well-known reputation for layoffs and semi-forced early retirements that don’t give all that much money.  Sigh.  That’s the bad stuff.  The good stuff is that I just had my mid-year performance evaluation, I was rated very well (#2 on my team of 10 or so), and am scheduled for a big bonus check in September that should allow me to replace the trashed carpet in my spare bedroom, upstairs hall, and maybe even the do the stairs!  Yay!!  So that’s all really cool.  Time to bargain hunt soon, because I don’t want to pay much more than $1-$1.50/sq ft for the wood flooring.  Cheap, thy name is Marla!  🙂  But there’s a couple to three cool places I can look to find that price point, so I’m not too worried (yet). 
Vehicles have been acting up again – truck had brakes issues last week (Fred took 1/2 day off to fix), main Bug still not running well, but it is running, and Baja Bug sits in garage, lonely and sad, waiting for Fred to have some time and money for it.  My SUV, thankfully, has been angelic through all of this (knocking furiously upon wood!), as has the motorcycle.  We did find a TANK for it on e-bay finally – $30 plus $30 shipping.  Too cool!!!  It’s red, and a bit beat up paint-wise, but the inside it purrrrrfect and clean, so Fred’s pretty happy with it.  Needs to be painted, of course, but he’s crossing that bridge as time allows. 
Well, I’m on a vacation day today, and I don’t plan to waste it hanging around on this blog or on Ravelry.  I’m off to the yarn stores to have a little crawl on my own, and to get my nails done.  Woot!  So, as Porky Pig would say, “th-th-that’s all, f-f-f-olks!”  🙂

One response to “Knitting mojo re-discovered!! Yay!

  1. Roadchick

    September 3, 2008 at 9:15 am

    Love the scarf!



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