No Ravelympics medals for me, but FO, FO, off the needles we go!

16 Aug
Foliage cap on me

Foliage cap on me


Well, I finally managed to finish something.  It’s a miracle!  It was a battle, I confess.  Apparently, I have little talent or patience for anything more than an 8 row repeat of lace.  Beyond that, I lose my place too much.  Plus I kept finding I had one too many or one too few stitches.  Yeah, I tinked some, I frogged some.  But some of that, I just did an extra SSK or K2tog or M1.  I really had trouble with the bind off, came out tooooo tight just knitted, came out tooooo tight crocheted.  In fact, it was so tight crocheted that, when I tried it on (see other pic), it actually broke open!!  Finally found a good article from an old issue of knitty that showed lots of good, stretchy bind-off methods, picked one

Foliage cap looking better than on me

Foliage cap looking better than on me

that I thought I could do well, and went for it one more time.  I swore that if it was too tight this time, I was givin’ the darned thing away to someone with a normal-sized head.  But it worked.  YAY!  It’s a very pretty cap, but I don’t look so hot in it.  But I love it anyway. 
Once I finished that, I moved on to making a matching small scarf (has to be small because I only bought two skeins of this lovely chunky alpaca yarn, and used most of the first one on the hat.  I had already chosen to loosely base my scarflet on Robin Dodge’s Fidget, and it only took me a few minutes to plot my couse (modifications) to make it work.  Using the basic stitch count from this pattern, I expanded my number of CO stitches to twenty, assumed two stitches at each end of the needles would be done in plain garter stitch as a border, and that I’d have a 4-row garter stitch border on each end of the scarf, as well, allowing me to place buttonholes that would not interfere with the pretty leaf lace pattern.  So, with just two lace repeats across, it’s really quick and easy.  Not brainless knitting, mind you, but quick and easy.  And it got to somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2 done when I discovered that I was over-exposed to this beautiful, soft, maddeningly-shedding alpaca yarn.  I began to itch like no one has ever itched before.  Sigh.  So I took a few days off from the Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky, and spent that time working on another project, a WIP that was going awfully slowly.  Or goofing off with other Ravelers on the Karma Yarn Swap forum.  🙂
The WIP I’m working on is my 2nd pair of Hatsuyo’s Lacy Socks, so they should eventually look just like these that I made a little while ago.  Of course, right now, the sock looks like a curvy-tube-shaped hedgehog, but that’s beside the point, huh?
Ooo, yarny yumminess!  I haven’t gotten a pic of it yet, but I acquired two balls of Plymouth Royal Bamboo through a swap on Ravelry (at the afore-mentioned KYS forum).  Two different shades of purple soft, silkiness.  Yum!  Of course, it’s only one ball of each color, so heaven knows what I will make with such a small amount.  But I will certainly get a taste of the yarn and know whether I like it or not.  I also have a single ball of

Knitpicks Shine Worsted in the colorway Mallard, a dark teal green, that is on the way. I have never used any KP yarn except that dreaded laceweight that I sold to a while ago. So, even though it’s tiny yardage, it’s enough to knit a swatch up on a brainless knitting day to find out if I like it. Dead cheap way to do it, too. Only cost me 2 balls of discontinued yarn I scored in the craiglister run back in March. 🙂


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