2008 – A fiber odyssey

20 Jul

And so, as my fascination with knitting continues, and as the Horcux socks proceed (and not very well, I might add), I am embarking on a second odyssey for this year.  I have curly hair.  Naturally curly hair.  I have almost always really loved my curls, never been much for the straightening routine.  This is partly because it is too much work – 45 minutes to pull all the curl out, another 10 to put just enough back, and then walk out the door, hit the humidity and literally *feel* all the work going to waste.  Sigh.  It’s also partly because I really like the curly look, it’s different, and I like being different.  Plus, I have to admit, I don’t really have much talent with round brushes, blow dryer and curling iron.  The very thought of flat ironing my hair just seems stupid – so much heat and damage for a temporary look. 


My curls are the very puffy kind, the ones that start out super-tight as they air dry, and then get puffier and bigger through the day.  Ugh!  I used to be a total hair product junkie, always searching for the newest/latest/best thing to plaster on to my hair to keep my curls looking fresh.  Finally, a few years ago, I gave up all the product and just left some conditioner in my hair each day to keep the curls from drying out too much.  That helped a bunch and my hair was in better condition, especially since I also stopped coloring it.  Enter the grey hair.  Yuck.  For a long time, I could kid myself that the grey hairs were hidden in the wildness of my curls.  It finally got to the point a few months ago when I could *really* see them, and they bothered me quite a bit.  So I got stupid and colored my hair, and now it’s super-dry again.  Sigh.  And the color just washes away because curly hair is sooooo porous.  So.  In an effort to improve the condition of my hair, I am trying the Curly Girl routine for hair care, which revolves around, among other things, stopping use of detergent-based shampoo forever.  That’s right.  Just stop washing your hair.  Detergent isn’t good for curly hair.  Wash your scalp with a good conditioner.  Condition your hair with a different conditioner.  Hmmmm.  Sounds weird, but sorta makes sense.  So I bought the book yesterday, read it cover to cover in one evening, and I’m officially trying the routine as of 5 days ago. 


My head itches.  People who’ve been doing this for a long time tell me that’s normal.  Grrr.  I will get through this.  The itching will stop as soon as I find the right combination and “dosage” of conditioners, and as soon as my head gets over the sensation of not being stripped of every bit of natural oil on a daily basis.  🙂


Horcrux socks were a fun knit tonight.  Husband and I decided to have a Potter-fest this week, which we do now and then.  We start on Sunday night with “The Sorcerer’s Stone” movie and watch one a night until we get through “The Order of the Phoenix” on Thursday night.  So it was kind of fun to work on this particular sock while watching the movie.  I just wish the darned thing didn’t have so many mistakes in it.  If it weren’t just for me, I’d have given up in the middle of the heel flap.  🙂


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