Devilish little socks

06 Jul

Well, I’ve spent most of this week working on my latest socks, which have a lacy leg and are made from On Your Toes Bamboo, which is really a pleasure to work with and is working up into a nice cushion-y sock.  I like it.  I’ve finished the first sock, and experienced about an hour of 2nd sock syndrome (not too bad, all things considered).  I’m coming into the home stretch on sock #2, which is a freakin’ miracle, because, for some reason, on the 6th consecutive sock, I suddenly developed a complete inability to keep the correct number of stitches on the heel flap for more than 2 consecutive rows.  Yeesh.  I literally frogged that damned heel FIVE times.  To add insult to this injury, once I finally managed to have 31 pristine rows of heel flap, my fried brain decided it was now time to pick up and knit the gusset.  Now, if you’ve knitted socks (and it seems as though most knitters have), you know very well I skipped the all-important step of turning the heel…which I figured out after picking up all the stitches.  Growl…so, frogged again.  Turned the heel.  Picked up and knit a 2nd time (which, for some reason, didn’t go as quickly and smoothly as the first time).  Knitted the gusset and about 2 more inches of foot before I discovered that I had somehow dropped a stitch in the middle of the gusset.  No idea how THAT happened, because I still had the right number of stitches on every single needle.  Growl.  I managed to fix that one without frogging, but it was touch and go for a minute there, ‘cuz I couldn’t find my favorite crochet hook for using with sock yarn. 

And now, I have about 1.75″ left to go before starting toe decreases, and I think I’m going to run out of yarn before I’m done with sock #2.  That will REALLY piss me off, because I’m pretty sure that my LYS doesn’t have another skein of the OYT Bamboo in this colorway.  Sigh…the socks certainly do look pretty though.  I too some pictures of finished sock #1 and in progress sock #2 yesterday, so I will add those here as soon as I get them off the camera and on the computer.

Sadly, my tiny little sit & knit group is falling apart – my friend Lisa is moving to Nashville, about 40 miles each way from here, so at $4+ per gallon of gas and not owning the most fuel efficient vehicle, I don’t think she’ll be able to make it very often. Phooey. On top of that, one of the other two knitters sent me a note yesterday saying that the coffee shop we usually meet in has closed. That leaves, mostly, Starbucks, and we didn’t really enjoy the atmosphere there the one time we met to knit there. We’re probably going to try a little meat & three restaurant that’s owned by a friend of one of the knitters this week and see how that goes. For those of you not from the south who do not know what a “meat and three” is, it’s a restaurant that cooks homestyle food, where you order a meat entree and choose three side dishes. Hence, meat & three…generally accompanied by sweet tea (or unsweet tea, if you aren’t Southern). I’m not Southern, so mine’s accompanied by diet Coke most of the time! 🙂

Husband finally got the $700 motorcycle running.  He bought it a few weeks ago through a listing on craigslist, and I personally think that, despite the fact that he hasn’t spent all that much to get it running in terms of parts (but plenty on specialty tools and tires), he got perhaps just a little bit ripped off.  This is primarly because both kelly blue bookand nada show the value for that bike fair condition to less than $700. In the long run, however, it doesn’t matter to me, as he’s having a lot of fun fixing it up and feels really good about how much progress he has made with it since bringing it home. It barely ran when we got it here, and now, it’s pretty much ready to ride. 🙂 Have pics of him on his new toy to post here as well, as soon as I can get them off the camera and get some time on one of the family computers, instead of my laptop for work.

We had a great Independence Day – who needed to go to a fireworks show?? There were so many families in my neighborhood setting stuff off that it was hard to know where to look. We were among those with fireworks to share, which we did. Husband and younger son love that stuff. Older son doesn’t give a damn, which is just as well, because he worked the early evening shift and didn’t get home until about 9:40 or so. We had a very early dinner that day, so that older son would not miss the bratwurst and hot dogs, as we seem all to often to make those on a night when Joe has to work. Other than assisting with supper cooking (husband did the grilling) and running out to purchase a new grill, I just…knitted…badly (see above)! The new grill was a plus, though, I must say – we got it at Home Depot, it’s a 2007 model by Charbroil that was marked down to $119 now – big primary grilling rack, really big upper rack, 4 burners inside, 1 outside, and just NICE. I grilled bbq chicken on it today, and it was soooo good.  I like my new grill…except that  I can’t knit and grill at the same time…


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