Next up – more socks!

27 Jun

My 2nd pair of socks!
So here they are, my equally non-famous 2nd pair of socks.  This pair is mine, all mine!  I think they are quite lovely, thanks.  I am not a big fan of knee or crew length socks anyway, so these quick little shortie socks are perfect for casual wear. 

Love them!  The Panda Cotton (Classic Elite yarns, colorway Seascape) is so soft and pretty silky because of the bamboo content. 

Once I finished these, I cast on a hair-tamer for a neighbor’s birthday.  Actually, it’s an early Christmas present, because her husband said we weren’t supposed to bring her a birthday gift.  So, I’m planning to wrap it in Christmas paper and make a quick little Christmas card from scrapbooking paper (I’m not a scrapper, but I have a friend who is avid and has all sorts of papers, etc.).  Tee hee…and when the hair band was almost done, I cast on another set of socks, this time made from a pattern featured in the Knitting Zone Sole Solution 2003-2004 Design Collection (Phew!  Long name!!), Hatsuyo’s Lacy Sock (page 77), and using On Your Toes Bamboo in a pretty pink/lavender twist colorway. 

Although I found the pattern through Ravelry, it isn’t actually listed there, I located it by looking at some other pattern in the PDF.  It’s a pretty simple 8 stitch x 8 row lace repeat, one that my brain can handle.  I actually used it for the hair tamer (it’s gorgeous, if I do say so myself!), in order to make sure I could manage the repeats – I get re-routed/distracted/interrupted a lot during knitting, so I wanted a lacy sock that I could put down, pick back up and not be completely lost.  This one seems to work…time will tell.


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