Uh-oh…the LYS is calling me!

12 Jun

I just got an e-mail newsletter from one of the three LYS that I patronize.  Well, OK, one of the three from which I receive newsletters.  I’ve only ever bought two skeins from one of these, and those were for my not-famous first socks.  Anyway, so I got a newsletter, and right at the top is the semi-welcome news that they’ve gotten in more colors and the newest weight of my newly favorite yarn for garments, Jeannee, from Plymouth Yarns. I really love this yarn, which I’ve blogged about before, as I have been making my Dot Check Cardi Take 2 (for me) with this yummy cotton blend. It’s very silky cotton, has a nice sheen to it, drapes well and seems to show stitch definition pretty well, although I will say I wasn’t doing anything all that fancy, just a basic basket weave with a little bit of eyelet lace in it. Now, I’m not yet totally broke, but the belt probably needs a bit of tightening, what with $4.00 gallons of gasoline and everything else under the sun becoming more expensive because of it. So I probably shouldn’t be venturing the 37 miles from my house to theirs anyway, and if I did, I know I would buy yarn, lots of it. To make matters even more frustrating, this particular LYS usually has a nice basket or two by the check-out counter with miscellaneous yarns for $2 a skein or less. So I know I would spend some money, and I would enjoy the fruits of my spending. And I really like shopping in all of my LYS – most of the people that work in all three are nice, the shops are pleasantly decorated and the inventory good. And this is a well-priced yarn, too, at $4.25 a skein for 111 yards or so. Not bad at all for a quality yarn.

Here’s the rub: I can get that yarn for $3.49 a skein *discountable* at WEBS, aka For those not aware, if you spend $60 or more at this particular on-line yarn store, they give you a 20% discount on your purchase, unless you are buying something that’s already on sale. Now the shipping isn’t likely to cost me anymore than the gas to go the round trip of 70+ miles, so this is pretty appealing when I already know I like the yarn. Sigh…but I really like the local stores and want to be sure they stay in business. But I hate overpaying for things.

So maybe I should just stick with, “it’s not a good time to add to my stash”…but I know what I want to make with that yarn, too. This sucks. Like everyone else, I just want to win the big lottery jackpot, so I can buy what I want, when I want it, even if I don’t desperately need it. LOL!

Ah, well, I’m a grown up, I can handle this.

I think…


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One response to “Uh-oh…the LYS is calling me!

  1. mrsfife

    June 12, 2008 at 9:42 pm

    Just toss a coin, if it gets to bad…


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