Socks Take 1.5 and 2

11 Jun

Hmmm. Well, well, well. I did finish my first sock, but only after reading a certain thread on knittinghelpthat made me realize I had been knitting inside-out on my dpns for several months. Oy vey!

So once I finished off that first sock, which entailed some rather fascinating gymnastic moves with the last two needles so that I could graft the toes properly, I set out to re-teach myself to knit on dpns, but this time, right side out. It is amazing to me that this was so ridiculously uncomfortable. Yeesh. I think it didn’t help much that the yarn literally did not want to move across my KP Harmony dpns at all. I have definitely decided that, if I ever do something from Crystal Palace Maizy yarnagain, I will need to do so on metal needles. Since my level of trust in myself to manage metal dpns without dropping half my stitches is rather low, I’m thinking I’ll eventually be learning to either magic loop the socks or do the toe-up variety on two circs. 🙂 At any rate, it took about 3-4 tries to just cast on and join in the round correctly, and then once that was done, it was desperately clumsy and uncomfortable to knit around the outside of my needle triangle for quite a few days. Finally, it became reasonably comfortable. And then, one night recently, I had this epiphany at 2:30 in the morning. I was sleeping badly due to an apparent overdose of Sudafed (which at lower doses will make me decongest, as is proper, but at higher ones makes me totally dry, jittery and sleepless). So naturally, I tossed and turned in the bed while having a virtual sit and knit of one person. As I did so, I kept thinking about that stupid right-side-out sock and how hard it was at first, and why it was getting easier but still not great. Suddenly it hit me. I finally understood that I just had to hold the *&%%$ working needles as though they were straights, and pretty much ignore those other two needles. Gee, so basic. Really a “DUH!” moment for me. Still, it was what I needed. When I picked up the dpns to work on the sock the next night, it was really pretty smooth and easy. And then, the moment of truth. I finished the foot, grafted the toes and handed the finished pair of socks to my friend, Lisa. We took pictures of them, which I really have to download from the camera and post here, on Ravelry and so on, and then…she tried them on. For a moment, when she first slid her tootsies into the socks, I thought I might have handed her the finest chocolate or something, because she was looking quite blissful. Needless to say, she loves her new socks, and now I’m quite anxious to try my own pair on, once they are finished.

So now I’m on socks take 2, this time knitting up the afore-mentioned Crystal Palace Panda Cottonin Seascape. Love, love, looooove this yarn. Smooth, silky, slides along my needles like a dream…unless I’m getting sweaty hands due to the wondrous humidity here in Tennessee. In that case, the only thing sliding on the needles are my fingers. Everything else hits a dead standstill. And I really like the pattern the colorway is knitting up to, as well. Due to the size of the object or the plain old 2×2 rib and stockinette I’m using for the sock (simple stuff, I know!), it has a real spiral look to the color changes, and I love it.

I did take a little sock break over the last two days to work on the finishing steps for my own Dot Check Cardi. Got all the seaming done, and picked up the stitches for the neckline by last night. Whew! Still need to finish the neck and add the button/buttonhole bands, and then, of course, attach the buttons, but touchdown is certainly near. Can’t wait to wear it, as it does seem to fit pretty well. That was a bit challenging for me, as I was sort of winging the sizing, but it all worked out pretty well. 🙂

And finally, my friend Carrie, who lives in Texas, received the mailed package with *her* Dot Check Cardi in it yesterday, and immediately called to say she loves it! Luckily, it arrived when she happened to be having a perfectly awful day, and it really cheered her up. Of course, she hadn’t even put the thing on yet, having great respect for the handmade and fear of wearing it (too pretty to wear!! LOL!). Anyway, she did put it on as we chatted on the phone, and said it’s a perfect fit. Not bad, considering I haven’t actually laid eyes on her since, oh, 2001 or so. 🙂 Well, time to go sit and knit with the roadchick, a fellow Raveler who lives in the same general area as I. Bye for now! 🙂


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