Socks – Take 1

01 Jun

I finished the major knitting on the Modified Dot Check Cardi I was making for myself earlier this week, and am down to the finishing work – setting sleeves, seaming the sides, and knitting on the button/buttonhole bands and neckline, plus buttons to be sewn on.  It’s temporarily hibernating, though, as I wanted to finish the chemo cap I started for theknittingguy’s mom.  Got that done last night, too…but somewhere in the middle of all this, the Harmony dpns I got in the mail last week starting begging to meet the Crystal Palace Maizy that was hiding in one of the stashboxes.  I don’t resist begging very well…

And so, after work on Friday, I cast on my first sock instead of doing the finishing on my cardi.  All things considered, the sock is coming along pretty well.  I’m working mostly from the well-reviewed sock tutorial by Silver, aka Kbelle on Ravelry. I’m making a shorter leg with ribbing down part of the instep.  I’m successfully made my heel flap, turned it, picked up and knitted the gussets, and am now doing the interminable knitting across the foot section.  I have about 2.75″ more to do before I start decreasing for the toes.  If I didn’t absolutely hate the colorway (why did I choose Hot Feet??), I’d really love the sock.  Anyway, I’m enjoying the experience so far, but it’s still only sock #1, and I have to do the toes, the kitchener stitch, and then get through sock #2 yet. 

Of course, that didn’t stop me from buying more sock yarn yesterday…went on a mini yarn-crawl with my friend Lisa in the afternoon, hitting Haus of Yarn, where I scored some Panda Cotton in colorway Seascape. Next, we went to Threaded Bliss, where I picked up a skein of On Your Toes Bamboo in colorway Tidal Blue Multi, which actually has a sort of lavender tint to it. That stuff is really soft and silky, can’t wait to try it. Lisa commented last night that she hoped I wouldn’t become one of the addicted sock knitters, because there’s such a limited assortment of yarns I can use, being allergic to wool. That’s true, and rather frustrating, I must admit. It makes me more than a little crazy in the LYSs, and even more so when I get on Ravelry or Etsy and start looking at all the gorgeous hand dyed or painted yarns, all of which would cause me to turn into a 5’2″ tall hive. Sigh…

OK, enough for now. Must try to knit a few more rounds on the sock before bed. 🙂


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