His toys and her toys

29 May

Well, my KP Options (metal) tips finally arrived middle of last week, and I’ve barely put them down since, except to eat, sleep, work or do the various things one does in the bathroom (LOL!).  I think I might even like them better than my Harmony tips, and that’s saying something, since I gave away every single straight needle I owned less than a week after my Harmonies arrived in the mail, and haven’t had a moment’s regret for doing so.  I also got a copy of “Big Girl Knits”, if only for the expert and amazing advice on shaping for the womanly figure I have always owned.  Even when I was a skinny little size 6 or 8, I had an appreciable bosom, a little waist and sizeable hips.  Now that my size 6 figure is a shadowy memory, I still have a curvacious body, just a bit on the larger size.  There’s a couple of things in there that I want to knit sooner or later (Bombshell, Lift & Separate, maybe Curvalicious Cardi, who knows??), but I really wanted the shaping info.  It’s good stuff.


So that’s my recent toy purchase, my self-selected Mommy Day present, about which I have already written some.  Meanwhile, hubby dearest has been off on a new tangent.  Backing up a step, let me note that, at the age of 44, DH decided last fall that he really, really wanted to learn to play the electric guitar.  He’s always wanted to learn guitar, but didn’t get to as a child, tried a couple of other times in our married life, gave up, and tried again.  So, present day – he is now the proud owner of 2 electric guitars, 2 amps, various guitar books, CDs, DVDs and even an acoustic guitar, plus co-owner (so to speak) of the electric guitar and amp we bought for the 12 year old (who is truly going to be a renaissance man), co-owner of a set of drums, too.  Anyway, that’s been DH’s toy focus since last fall.  With the price of gasoline ever-rising, DH’s 1973 VW Bug is suddenly seeming like a gas-guzzler, and DH wants something far more efficient with fuel.  Does he want a hybrid?  No.  An electric car?  No.  A bio-fuel conversion kit?  No.  He wants a motorcyle.  Sigh.  Here we go again.  There’s a Bug in the driveway, a Baja Bug in the garage, and an older truck in the cul de sac that’s currently driven by our older son, plus my 4 year old Aztek in the driveway, but we need a motorcyle and we need it now.  Soooooo – last weekend was all about shopping craigslist and e-bay for a motorcycle.  He eventually found one, bought it for the asking price ($700) and we have to go pick it up about 45 mins north of here on Saturday.  That’s OK, he really really really wanted it, so I will be good about it, since he never ever does more than smile and tease me when I bring home yet more yarn.  Of course, my yarn stash, which merely fills 3 plastic fileboxes and a plastic shopping bag, is nothin’ compared to some I saw pics of on a Ravelry forum thread – yikes!  One person had a 5′ tall pile of yarn in the middle of her spare bedroom!!  I’m a piker compared to that!!  🙂

Ok – off to bed now, have to get some sleep for work tomorrow.  I had a cold last week and into the early part of this one, so I’m really wanting my sleepy time lately.  Oh, by the way – the modified Dot Check Cardi (take II, this one for me) is now ready to be sewn together, after which, there’s just a little bit of garter stitch border on the neckline and the button and buttonhole bands to do.  Yay!  (already wove in all the knitting ends, too).  Coming up on a touchdown, I may actually be able to wear it next week!  🙂


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