Knitting Day Weekend in Tennessee

23 May

Well, here it is Memorial Day Weekend, which will now be designated as Knitting Day Weekend, because we will be spending it at home, as usual. 

  1. DH *really* hates crowds and traffic and waiting in line for anything, so he never wants to go anywhere that involves one of those three things
  2. Gas is soooooo expensive – I paid $3.73/gallon this morning at COSTCO, for heaven’s sake!  I know that there are plenty of places (big cities and such) where gas is even higher, but OMG, this just HURTS.  I swear, I put the nozzle in to the tank, pulled the trigger and instantly saw $5.00 ring up on the pump.  Yeesh.
  3. I’ve got ANOTHER rotten cold, and DH seems to be battling some sort of tummy affliction, as well. 

So, just another slow, dull weekend in paradise, which is OK by me, really.  It’s fun to go away and see new places and such, but it’s just good to relax at home, too.  I’m sure that we will get the requisite amount of shopping for something and nothing done over the weekend, too, but a weekend at home does mean LOTS of knitting time for me!  YAY!  Because last weekend, as I predicted, DH found some ways to keep us fairly busy, and I didn’t get as much knitting time as I had hoped.  Still, I’m about 2/3 done with the back of my own modified Dot Check Cardigan, with both fronts already completed.  I should be making sleeves by Monday, I would think.  🙂 

I finally got my self-chosen, self-ordered Mother’s Day gift(s) in the mail this week – 3 sets of the original Options needle tips; two sets of Harmony dpns; the Knitpicks view sizer, which will actually show my sz 6’s, 7’s and 9’s as such, rather than having to figure it out by the process of elimination, which is about a half-step removed from purely guessing; and my very own copy of “Big Girl Knits”.  I’m on the smaller end of big girls, with a 46″ bust or perhaps slightly less, but I am rather curvy, so I quite love most of the patterns and think I will learn a bunch of really useful tips on altering patterns to actually fit me.  Can’t wait to make Bombshell…or maybe Cherry Bomb…or Lift And Separate…maybe even Curvalicious…

Anyway, the Knitpicks package came in during the day on Wednesday, while I was working at home (because I was already not feeling too well from the cold coming on).  Of course, because I was working, all I could do was open the box, make sure everything was there, and pet the packages.  Pout, pout.  I managed to get through the workday, but the *moment* I was done working, I grabbed the new metal sz 7’s from the box and swapped them with the Harmony tips I had been using on my Dot Check Cardi.  WOW!!  They really are different.  The Harmony tips are wonderfully slick, but nothingcompared to the Options metal ones.  I’m in LOVE!  I wasn’t too sure about ordering them, because I have usually liked that little bit of grab on my Harmony tips, but I guess I’m getting more experienced, because the super-slippery Options are great.  I’m surprised, as well, because other metal needles (including Inox) have always made my hands and wrists hurt, but not the Options.  Of course, most of the time I’ve been using them, I’ve been running a fever, but they don’t feel cold at all, so they don’t cause me pain, and they are light as a feather, too!  I think that there will be more of these tips in my future. 

Sadly, I haven’t gotten as much knitting done in the last couple of days as I wanted.  This cold really got me feeling dizzy and stupid, and I just couldn’t keep the pattern straight, plus I kept sneezing or having to stop to blow my nose, etc.  Just YUCKY.  And a complete and total waste of a perfectly good vacation day.  Sigh…I did get a couple of nice naps in, thanks to the cold.  Naps are good, too.

Well, happy Memorial Day, everyone.  Enjoy the picnic or barbeque or whatever you plan to do with this U.S. holiday weekend.  And if you’re not in the U.S. and not celebrating this weekend, then have a hot dog for me anyway!  🙂


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