Told you so!

16 May

Update to my weekend:  DH wants to go yard-sale shopping in the a.m.  What he really wants to do is drive around town in hopes that someone will have a $500 motorcycle for sale in their front yard, but needs the yard sales as an excuse to nose around other people’s neighborhoods.  He’s been fidgeting around about finding a motorcycle for a couple years anyway, and what with the price of gasoline, now he’s in panic mode.  Personally, I think the cost of insuring a bike will probably cancel the gas savings, but DH is not listening on that point.  🙂

Anyway, he probably thinks I don’t know that he couldn’t care less about the yard sales and that it’s all about the motorcyle.  Heck, almost everyone in my little city who has a yard sale is trying to get rid of baby stuff and kiddie toys, none of which is of use to me.  So, it sounds like a fat waste of time in my mind, but I’ll probably ride along in the vain hope that someone will have a decent set of patio furnishings for sale at a reasonable price.  Our table is OK, but our chairs are pretty well trashed after 4 Tennessee winters, and I’ll be damned if I’m paying several hundreds of dollars for another set that will be rusty in just a couple of years…

Oh, well, I can knit in the car between stops, at least.  😉


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