Nothing but knit? Maybe…

16 May

It’s finally Friday, thank heavens.  It’s been a busy week at work, and the next several weeks should be even busier.  Thankfully, the work-week is now just a few short hours from being officially over.  Yay!  On a conference call this morning, one of my colleagues mentioned his weekend plans, which, knitting aside, are so much more interesting than mine!!  He’s driving to the west coast of Scotland with a bunch of friends/family, where they will take a walking tour of the area where Robert the Bruce and the Black Douglas lived.  If you’re into English/Scots/Irish/Welsh history, then you will be as jealous as I found myself to be.  Sigh….lucky colleague lives near the Scotland border with England, so it’s only about an hour’s drive for him.  There’s nothing that fascinating within an hour’s drive from my house, except perhaps The Hermitage, Andrew Jackson’s home (I’ve already been to all the other historic homes nearby).  So – while my colleage, John, goes to Scotland, my weekend plans are…oh, wait, I don’t have any interesting weekend plans, do I?  So, therefore, this weekend appears to be all about “nothing but knit”…I hope.  

 That’s a good thing, of course, because it means I can just relax and sit around the house knitting up a storm.  I’m currently working on the right front of the Modified Dot Check Cardi that I’m making for myself.  This is, as noted in prior post, take 2 of this pattern modification, as I liked take 1 so much I decided I wanted one for myself.  Anyway, got the left front done Wednesday night and also started on the right front, which is not progressing well.  I seem to be in a knitting slump, making too many mistakes and apparently only good at frogging for the time being.  I know it will work itself out, but I really do hate the slumps.

Sadly, I know that my full weekend of nothing but knit will go out the window – it always does, as my husband will cook up some ways to keep my out of the house and away from my comfy knitting spot on the couch.  He’ll want to go shopping for something we can’t afford or don’t need, and he’ll grump around if I say “no” to riding along, eventually deciding not to go, either.  Ah, well, such is love, I guess.  🙂 


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