So much for the Tank of One Color (again!)

13 May

Well, I started to work on it again, really I did, and I got a good 8 inches or so done on the new side.  Then I took a look at the completed side (supposed to be the back), and realized that the gauge is really loose on that one and the stitches are all twisted.  UGH!  So that put a big damper on my enthusiasm for completing the tank…especially once I had to frog back about 2 inches to repair a gaping hole of a tangled stitch.  Grrrr.

In the meantime, I went to last Saturday, searching out some good cotton blend yarn to make myself one of that beautiful (if I do say so myself) modified Dot Check Cardigan.  I was thinking to get Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, and I did really like the yarn, very soft, nice sheen, etc.  Sadly, it is hand wash only, and I’m something of a machine wash/dry kind of woman.  As I browsed for an alternative to that, as well as one to my constant desire to purchase Blue Sky Dyed Organic Cotton (which is the softest yarn I’ve ever touched that wasn’t silk), I suddenly realized that the yarn the original yarn called for was in front of me.  A rather limited assortment of colors (5), but still, there it was.  It’s Plymouth Jeannee, and it’s quite affordable at $4.25 per 111 yd ball at the LYS, or even cheaper from some online resources.   I fell for the Jeannee like a rock, and bought it at the LYS, then also bought some previously-expensive novelty yarns from a $2/each bin by the cash register.  Happy Mother’s Day to me.

When I took the Jeannee home, I was absolutely dying to use it.  Once I realized how screwed up my Tank of One Color was, I frogged the 2 inches, and placed that piece on another set of needles, so that I could use my KP Harmony tips to swatch Jeannee.  Just swatch, that’s all, then I’ll go right back to that tank top, I said to myself.  And I meant it.  But I didn’t do it.

That yarn is SO unexpectedly yummy.  It’s really silky and just glides along my Harmony tips.  Yum, yum, yum.  Once I swatched, there was no going back to the Cotton Rich DK from Cascade (which is actually rather nice yarn!).  So here I am, about 12″ or so into the left front of the modified dot check cardi for me.  The sweater itself will again be cream color, but the garter stitch bands at the hems, button bands and neckline will be a really pretty shade of medium brown, instead.  That, with a cream tank underneath, chocoloate brown pants, and a scarf of some sort made from the Wendy Melody novelty yarn in browns, bronze and golds should be a really pretty outfit…especially since my mouse-brown hair was changed over via chemical adjustment (aka hair color) to a very light auburn on Saturday night.  Looks fab, if I do say so myself.  🙂

That’s all for now.  Thanks for reading!


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