Back to plain old stockinette (aka, the dot check cardi is DONE!)

05 May

 Yee-hah – my modified dot check cardigan is now officially finished – or might as well be. OK, I still need to get a little hook and eye for the neckline, just cuz I made it a bit too wide and it separates, since the buttons were put on before I did the neck. And I will want to wash and block it before I send it to my friend, of course, as her S.O. is wildly allergic to kitties, of which I have several. But I think it’s absolutely gorgeous, if I do say so myself. (Not at all excited or proud, am I?)

view of sleeve

Sadly, now that this is done, I really have to finish that pink Tank of One Color I started so long ago – February, maybe – no excuses not to get back to it now, but it’s really boring, just all stockinette, and endless rows of it with the occasional decrease or increase here and there.  Sigh.  Oh, well, I bought the yarn, I did the back, I might as well finish it.  Besides, the color is absolutely gorgeous and the yarn is pretty yummy and soft once it’s worked up…a little hard on the hands while knitting, but so nice once knitted.  🙂


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