The end is near (or, whining about finishing handknits)

01 May

Well, I actually completed all of the pieces of knitting – the fronts, sleeves and back are done.  I am on to the finishing parts now, which included weaving in far too many ends (took two nights!), seaming the shoulders (done, and rather well, too), setting in the sleeves (1 down, 1 to go) and then sewing up the side seams and underarms to turn it into a real sweater.  After that, I will still have to pick up and knit the button band, button hole band and the neckline, but it’s fairly simple, just six rows of garter stitch knitting.  Unfortunately, it is 2 rows each in 3 different colors, which does add just a touch of complexity and a heck of a lot of ends to weave in.  LOL! 

I had to run off to the bookshelf and consult with Ros Badger (“Knitting”) to select a seaming method for the shoulders, and that worked out really well, the shoulders look beautiful.  The set-in sleeve I’ve completed was a bit more challenging, as there is a TON of ease in the armhole versus the sleeve (not something I’ve seen before, it’s usually the other way around when I sew, with lots of sleeve ease being set into a rather flat armhole.  Oh, well, another lesson learned.  Luckily, my friend that’s staying with us is a fabulous seamstress and she pinned the sleeves for me.  I’ve gotten one sewn in and it doesn’t look too bad.  I see that the excess ease in the armhole area acts a bit like a dart or a series of short rows (which would have looked odd on a lacey sweater!), providing some room for the bust.  Very cool.  One more sleeve to sew in, then up the sides in mattress stitch, and away we go to the pick up and knit part.  That should be fun – I’ve never knitted button holes before.  I”m VERY tempted to do afterthought ones on the sewing machine…but I really do want the whole hand-knit experience for this sweater, so I’ll probably do it the “right” way.  🙂 

But not until I get some buttons, which won’t be until the weekend anyway, as there is NO way that I’m driving 30 miles round trip at $3.64 a gallon of gas just to get some buttons!!  Wish a Joann or a Michaels or something similar would open here in my little city.  Sigh…maybe someday.


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