Ahhhh…the yarn is talking to me again!

27 Apr

Aaahhhh!  So much better now.  The yarn is talking to me again.  I’m still doing a fair amount of tinking back to fix stupid mistakes – I sometimes get off the count of stitches if I’m talking to someone, for instance, which is rather annoying.  Still, I’m not having to frog in the middle of every pattern repeat, so that’s a big improvement.  I have about 13-14″ of the cardi’s back done now, and need to get just another inch before I start the bind off and subsequent decreases for the back neck and shoulders.  Very cool.  My knitting buddy, who tends to like small projects like scarves, hats, and miniatures, keeps commenting on how quickly the sweater is working up.  I laugh, because I don’t think 18 days is all that fast, first of all, and secondly, it’s a size small, so of course it’s going quickly in comparison to an XL item for me!  LOL! 

Anyway, dull weekend, mostly, but I did buy two balls of Crystal Palace Maizy this weekend, with which I will soon start my first pair of socks, using the very popular tutorial written by Ravelry user KBelle, aka Silver at the forums (go to  I’ve got some size 2 bamboo dpns just waiting for Maizy, but I may wait to start the socks until after Mother’s Day, so that I can include a set of KP Harmony dpns in the smaller metric sz 2.  We shall see…need to swatch the yarn on the ones I have, of course, and see how it works up in a circle. 

That’s my knitting life for the weekend – lots of dot check cardi, a little sock yarn, and a whole lot of household shopping.  I did score a new dress plus a skirt and top at Kohl’s on Saturday, with which I’m very pleased – they are petites, and the skirt and dress are both petite large.  I probably could have taken the surplice top in a large, too, but they didn’t have one, so I grabbed the XL and will have to alter it a little bit to keep it from being ridiculously revealing.  Now, most people would be depressed about buying a size large, and I was one of them when PM became PL…but now that it’s bumping down from “no P big enough” to PL, I’m pretty tickled.  🙂  I have no idea why I’m smaller, but I do seem to have lost some weight.  I’m not snacking much, because I knit every spare minute, which is keeping the hands too busy to dip into the cookies or chips, I guess.  Very cool.  Tried on some clothes that have been hibernating in the closet today and an awful lot of them either fit or were close enough that 5 more pounds will do the trick.  Hubby was so impressed that he finally agreed that we should start walking in the evenings so that I can keep going and he can finally take off a few of those excess pounds that have crept onto his frame since his heart attack in 2000 and the later onset of type II diabetes in 2002.  It’s all good…


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