My yarn isn’t talking to me

26 Apr

After finishing the left and right fronts plus an extra left front (oy! – see prior post here for details), plus both sleeves, I seem to have hit a wall with managing the simple eyelet lace/basketweave pattern on my dot check cardi.  Grrrr.  I think I spent more time frogging and tinking last night than actually knitting.  Most frustrating.

It’s Saturday morning now, a beautiful, rainy spring morning here in Middle Tennessee.  We plan a little excursion into Nashville today, but we’re hoping to get a lot done in a little time, because DH has finally broken down and signed up for some guitar lessons (long story, for another post), and they start today at 1:00 pm here in town.  So, that need, combined with $3.55 gasoline, means that we will have to be very, very efficient today.  I want to go to a LYS to look for a sock yarn that isn’t woolly (challenging to locate!!), DH needs a stand for the acoustic guitar he bought last weekend to go with the 3 electrics we already have in the house, and we both want to check out a home decor/building materials overstock place that’s supposed to be pretty cheap.  Plus DH needs new sneakers from Kohl’s.  Whew! 

Wish me luck on the sock yarn.  I’m crossing my fingers that one of the two slightly larger shops will have something I like.  I really adore TBY, my regular LYS, but I didn’t see something I wanted there…


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