Back and forth – knitting and otherwise…

25 Apr
So, for some strange reason (not really strange), I decided to move my blog from to blogger. It was a lot of work to get the existing posts over there, but it’s done now, and I’m very happy with the results. My reason for moving? Blogger seemed a bit easier to use.  But I missed the wider text area for the posts and also the three column templates from wordpress, so I’m coming back here.  🙂  Decisions, decisions, eh? 
As for knitting, well, the dot check cardi I’m knitting as a hybrid between the original pattern in Creative Knitting and the Hexacomb in Interweave Knits is finally going well. I have the correct left front, the right front and the sleeves done.  It looks really pretty so far, and I think my friend is going to love it. Haven’t knitted anything else lately, nor have I bought any more yarn (yikes!!). Weird.

I did go to Threaded Bliss a week or so ago, on the hunt for sock yarn that I can actually use (i.e., one with little to no wool), but didn’t find anything I just had to have. They do stock Kollage Luscious, but $24 to find out if I like making socks seemed a bit much. Other than that, pretty much everything else they had in stock had at least some wool in it, which is to be expected, I guess. A pure cotton sock wouldn’t stay up on your leg and it would probably be pretty uncomfortable. I know that there’s other yarns out there that don’t have much wool or have none at all, so I just have to try some other LYS or bite the bullet and order something from an online source…which makes me nervous, because I like to pet before I purchase.

Not much else new here. It’s a GORGEOUS day, and it has been beautiful out for a week or so now. Love it! Bought some pretty pink azaleas and some yellow and orange marigolds for the garden last weekend and got them planted on Sunday. After all the hard work of cooking up a wonderful Seder meal that same weekend, I was T I R E D. Being the oldest Jewish person in my household, I get to read from the Haggadah, as well as do all the cooking, and it brought back a lot of memories of my mom and other family members who have passed away (dad, all the grandparents, all but one uncle, etc.), so it was a little sad for me. I’ve been sort of blue ever since, but I’m hoping I’ll get my equilibrium back soon. It was still a great Seder, in spite of the sad memories, and the Mogen David blackberry wine seemed especially tasty this year. LOL! 🙂

Best of all, my Arizona Diamondbacks currently hold the best win/loss record in all of MLB for the season to date at 16-6. Woo hoo!  Some other teams are beginning to heat up, so D-backs need to keep the pressure on and keep winning games. The absolute best part of the season-to-date record is that the D-backs are doing this primarily against their division foes. That’s a really good sign of potential success across the rest of the season, but of course, nothing is guaranteed in baseball.  One injury or one bad series can change the whole dynamic for the team and wham! There goes the winning percentage.

Boston isn’t doing all that badly, either, at 15-9, and the 7-3 record in their last 10 games is pretty good, but the loss of the last 2 consecutive games doesn’t look as pretty.  But, all in all, the Sox have fielded yet another great team in 2008, and I’m confident that they’ll in the thick of things all season long.  

It just doesn’t get much better than this – both of my favorite baseball teams are on a roll, the knitting is going well, the job is fine, and the tax rebate I didn’t ask for arrives at the end of next week, meaning I might be going on a bit of stashing binge…unless DH and I decide to do something intelligent with the $$$, like pay down some credit card balances or buy a new mattress (which we badly need!).  Still, life is gooooooood. 🙂

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