Quickies again (I hope)

17 Apr

Okay, been a while since I posted, so lots to talk about.  Hmmmm…where to start?

Well, knitting.  Hmmm.  I started a modified dot check cardi for my friend using the Reynolds Tucson in my stash.  I say modified because I’m doing it as sort of a cross between that pattern and the Hexacomb – fewer garter stitch rows, but with color variation, for the hems, and a short, cropped cardi overall.  Not sure yet whether I will do the full collar or not, might just do the garter stitch rows as shown on Hexacomb.  Only time will tell if this is a good thing or a disaster.  I got through the left front last week, except that, just when I was on the last few rows before binding off the neck, I realized that I had reversed the RS/WS way down at the ribs or so.  Sigh.  I finished it off anyway, and briefly considered duplicating the error on all other pieces, but UGH – I like it better the right way, so I will frog that one if I have to, or otherwise just keep it as a template for sizing.  🙂

Went back to the nice craigslist poster’s garage last weekend and picked up some more yarn I never heard of – it’s called Cuba, and I can’t remember who made it, but it looks beautiful – I got lots of red and black, and had hoped to use it for a Stargazer sweater, but it won’t come up to gauge.  Still, it will reside quietly in the stash until I find something to do with it.  I scored 16 skeins of the stuff (10 black, 6 red) and two sets of sz 3 circulars (one Addi 16″, one Inox 40″) for $26.  Pretty cool.  Except that the Cuba is splitty…and that gauge thing…

On a non-knitting note or two – GO D-BACKS!!  11-4 on the season so far, as of yesterday.  Woo-freakin’-hoo!  And the Red Sox?  Well, they had a *really* bad day yesterday, so let’s not talk about that.  LOL!  Damn, I do so love baseball, but I never get to watch it – I won’t pay for MLB Extra Innings, even if I could get it from my cable company – $200??  Yeesh.  I do get MLB.TV on line, but can never get a hold of one of the two computers in my house with a decent graphics card to watch.  Grrrr.

Under the heading of shameless plugging, a good friend of mine is involved in a worthy charitable endeavor – she is the adoption coordinator for a ferret shelter here in the mid-south.  The shelter is a rescue and re-homing organization, but also deals quite a lot with ferrets who are not appropriate for re-homing, either because they are ill or older, etc.  If you have ever been interested in ferrets as pets or are just one of those people who’s a sucker for a cute little face, like me, please visit their website,, or at the new blog I talked them into starting,  The blog doesn’t have much up yet, but try them again in a couple of weeks. 

Ok, guess I’d better get back to work now, huh?  Not much going on today, just waiting for people to reply to stuff I’ve sent them.  Sigh…


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