Another knitting failure :(

09 Apr

Well, earlier this week I cast on the Hexacomb cardi (Spring 2008 Interweave Knits).  This was supposed to be for my friend who just got the great news that she does not have thyroid cancer.  I have frogged the *&^$#$@@!! thing 3 times since Monday. 

It’s absolutely ridiculous that I can’t follow this pattern and keep my knits and purls straight, it’s not that complicated.  Sigh.  The pattern called for a stockinette swatch, but I have just learned a new lesson in knitting – I must always make a 2nd swatch in pattern if it isn’t something plain, so I’ll know if I can handle the pattern stitch and all of my many interruptions from hubby, kid(s), friends, pets, work, life, etc.  I’m not convinced, I must admit, that the stitch pattern and Marla are a the only bad match – I’m quite convinced that those two things don’t combine well with the yarn I chose, a discontinued organic cotton that can be seen on my latest acquisitions page – the cakes laying in the basket.  Pretty yarn, but very splitty, and seems to have been designed to bloom during the washing/blocking stage, because the stitch definition is non-existent until I get it wet.  Phooey.

So, just for fun, I’ve just made a test swatch for the Dot Check Cardi from the late-winter issue of Creative Knitting, just to see if I could keep track of the pattern stitch.  That’s the one on the cover of the magazine.  The pattern was fine, I swatched it well and I enjoyed knitting it and didn’t get lost.  It’s very rhythmic and an enjoyable knit – enough variation to keep my brain occupied without being so complex that I can’t follow it and be involved in my little world at the same time.  I used some  Berroco Comfort, left-overs from my Tweenie Beanies, which actually has pretty good stitch definition, because it’s a sort of poofy yarn.  Splitty, but poofy and soft. 

Sadly, it didn’t knit to gauge on the needles that should have worked…too many stitches…and if I bump up, I think it will be too open.  Off to figure out which yarn in my stash might work now.  Hmmmm….might need to buy something else, which will cause my DH to laugh his rear end silly – just bought all of that yummy discontinued yarn, can’t find anything to knit with it.  Yeesh…


Happy Wednesday, all! 


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