Ravelry needs a new server

08 Apr

OK, Ravelers, it’s time to work your wallet instead of your needles and hooks.  I know that my blog doesn’t get very heavy traffic, but if any Ravelers do happen to pass by, please look into donating to Ravelry through the Ravelraiser 2008 thread in the “For Love of Ravelry” forum.  Here’s the thing – I don’t know if some of you other Ravelers have noticed (yeah, right!), but as the site has grown so much in population, the responsiveness has gone way downhill.  In order to get our beloved Ravelry running in top form again, Casey and Jess need to buy a new server, and they aren’t going to get that out of their own pockets…

 So – be a good Ravelry citizen and hop on over to the Ravelraiser 2008 thread and click that Paypal button! 

 P.S. – Ravelry has a bunch of really cool prizes that will be awarded to randomly chosen Ravelraisers.  Go see the dream stashes and stuff they have in store for us!  Yum yum!!


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